Shelly Lanning

Shelly Lanning has been a healthcare investor for 20+ years with a focus on early and commercial stage medical technology, […]

Nicholas Kristof

How good do you really have to be, to be christened the reporter’s reporter…by other reporters? You have to be […]

Diana E. Ramos MD

Dr. Diana E. Ramos is California’s second Surgeon General and first Latina Surgeon General. As California’s Doctor, her mission is […]

Erica M. Scavella, MD

Erica M. Scavella, MD, FACP, FACHE, assumed the position of Assistant Under Secretary for Health for Clinical Services and Chief […]

Fei Jiang

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Today’s computing systems are during transformation driven by explosively growing of data in volume and […]

Benga Adeeko

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Many individuals find themselves in roles that provide financial stability but lack personal fulfillment. Several […]

Kim Petty

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Kim Petty is co-founder and CEO of Onward, where she is solving for transportation as […]

Shivani Parikh

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Shivani Parikh has a diverse work experience spanning various industries. She is currently the Chief […]

Megan Rozanski

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Megan Rozanski is the CEO and Co-Founder of Mind & Match, driven by her frustration with […]

Maria Artunduaga

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee Bio: Dr. Maria Artunduaga is a physician-scientist and inventor with 60-plus prizes, publications, and patents. […]