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We are the San Francisco Bay Area’s premier healthtech ecosystem.

Patients are at the center of everything we do

Our Story

We offer mentorship, connections, insider knowledge and community to guide entrepreneurs from concept to commercialization of radical innovations.

We are believers in the power of health technology to change lives. Yet we know that the journey of getting a healthtech innovation to market is very challenging. We’re passionate about giving talented entrepreneurs the know-how, connections, and insider information they need to be successful. Our ultimate mission is to improve patients’ lives by reducing time to market for transformative solutions.

The UCSF Rosenman Institute was founded in 2014 and is named after the late Daniel Rosenman, who dedicated 25 years to the field of medical devices. Dan was inventor or co-inventor on 40 U.S. patents and co-founded BioCardia, an interventional cardiology device company. His passion was not only the rapid design of innovative products, but also bringing them to clinicians and patients within a short time period and in a way that focused on the human factors, as well as clinical utility. He was known not just as a brilliant and innovative designer and inventor, but also as a person with a strong moral compass and a genuine focus on human healing and care. 

Our Impact

The UCSF Rosenman Institute has been supporting transformative health technology companies from concept to commercialization since 2014.

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What our Rosenman Founders say…

We had an amazing time in the UCSF Rosenman RISE program, working with experts in the industry who were essentially helping us get to the next phase of our company’s mission. Our lead mentor, Santiago, was absolutely paramount to our company meeting our next major milestone. He rolled up his sleeves and helped connect us to the right people. We couldn’t have done it without him.

James Lott
Co-Founder & CEO, Scripted

“We’re still benefiting from the connections we made at the Rosenman Innovator program. Some of the advisors, our marketing consultant, some of the really important business and partner relationships that we were introduced to, continue to have value. I expect them to continue to have value for many more years to me and to our company.”

Kimberlie Cerrone
Co-Founder & CEO, Tiatros

“The ADAPT program has been instrumental to proving and scaling Visana’s unique care model. Through the program, we’ve built strong relationships with one of the largest, most innovative, health plans in the nation. This has allowed us to bring our women’s health clinic to hundreds of women and prove that it does indeed drastically improve outcomes. The program accelerated the scale of our business, and I’d highly recommend any company to apply.”

Joe Connolly
Co-Founder & CEO, Visana Health

Working with someone like Leighton who has deep technical and operational experience was incredibly insightful for understanding how I can help Encellin succeed. Beyond the one-on-one mentorship from Leighton, the RISE Program was an eyeopener for how instrumental mentorship can be in Encellin’s development and my personal growth.

Crystal Nyitray
CEO, Encellin

“The Rosenman Innovator program was game-changing for our company. We [met] several highly-experienced mentors whose guidance helped us make drastic changes in our organization and strategy… and optimize our commercial path.”

Ted Abraham, MD
Founder, Perceptive Navigation

“We have always felt so fortunate to have worked with the UCSF Rosenman Institute. Of the three people they introduced us to, one joined as our COO, one as a director of the board and one as a consultant for six months.”

Mehdi Peikar, MD
Founder & CEO, BRIUS

I had a great experience with both my primary mentor and fellow RISE CEOs. My mentor, Marc, has a wealth of broad experience and we got along seamlessly. Marc was a driving force behind the RISE program and has a strong motivation to improve representation in medtech. In my experience, connecting with people and expanding my network has been essential to advance the Enspectra mission. I’ve definitely made some great new relationships through this program that will continue into the future.

Gabriel Sanchez
Founder & CEO, Enspectra

“The Rosenman Innovator program was a fantastic experience and opportunity to get exposure to seed-stage healthcare investors and other industry stakeholders. We met two investors who participated in our round through the program.”

Ade Adesanya
Co-Founder & President, Moving Analytics

“In your first startup you don’t have enough connections. As I was an immigrant, that made it even harder. I really didn’t have any connections in medical devices. Like when I started it was literally zero. I didn’t know any VCs, I didn’t know any executives that I can reach out to and get help from. Winning that award, the Rosenman Innovator program, really helped to find those connections.”

Mehdi Peikar
Co-Founder & CEO, Brius Technologies

“I highly recommend entering the ADAPT Program to any innovative startup! Winning a proof-of-concept opportunity with a leading healthcare company via ADAPT 2020 was a pivotal moment for Oshi Health.  The clinical study we have launched with our sponsor will prove the value of our virtual-first gastroenterology clinic relative to traditional GI care delivery.”

Sam Holliday
CEO, Oshi Health