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Frank Dobbin: Reimagining Diversity

With Frank Dobbin

“In the corporate world, as in the university world, mentoring is one of the most effective things that help to move people up.”

Peter Hames: The Only Person Awake

With Peter Hames

“The great beauty of our approach is that we can deliver really good sustained health very, very quickly.”

Chris Hemphill: The Ethics of Our Algorithms

With Chris Hemphill

“The basic concept of this framework is to consistently expand the outreach to people in underserved populations who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten that important communication.”

Lindy Greer: The Culture of Curiosity

With Lindy Greer

“How can I be as disciplined in my social interaction as I am in my code, or my design for an engine?”

Michael Favet: Following Your Passion

With Michael Favet: President & CEO, NeuroPace

“A career is definitely a journey, not a straight line.”

Nicole Malachowski: Breaking Through the Noise

With Nicole M. E. Malachowski

“It’s a signal that I’m doing something cool or different or new if I got a couple of agitators out there.”

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