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Ali Tamaseb: What Makes a Super Founder?

With Ali Tamaseb, Partner, DCVC

“I don’t think that there’s that many people of that caliber out there who have that kind of passion and rigor for taking ideas and building and getting them to a finish line.“

The Perfect Storm: Jon Norris on Investing During COVID-19

With Jon Norris, Managing Director for Business Development, SVB Life Sciences

“The opportunity and environment for funding is super strong. If you are a company that’s looking for funding, this is a pretty good time to be out there looking for capital.”

Seeing Yourself Clearly: Erika Andersen on Leadership

With Erika Andersen, Founding Partner, Proteus

“If somebody has decided to engage with a coach, the first thing we do is help you see how you are seen.”

Listening is the First Step

With Lusi Chien, Managing Partner, Outlier Ventures

“Understand the problem before you start to solve it. Your user, their pain points, their needs.”

The Fundamentals of Leadership

With Harry M. Jansen Kraemer

“Everything related to leadership starts with self-reflection. Step one: If I’m not self-reflective, is it possible for me to know myself? I don’t think so. Part two, if I don’t know myself, is it possible for me to lead myself? I doubt that. Third part is, if I can’t lead myself, how can I possibly lead others?”

Treating Essential Tremor

With Kate Rosenbluth

“The idea at its core is that there are many great solutions, there are many great technologies out there. But to really make an impact, you need to make sure that you are working on something that is truly an unmet need.”

Unlocking Health Data

With Claudia Williams

“I think there’s a common recognition among people that are trying to change the way healthcare operates. We need to standardize how we do data sharing so that we can actually have any spare bandwidth to focus on the actual innovation we’re trying to create.”

Machine Intelligence in Healthcare Systems

With Zeeshan Syed

“We’re working together on problems that we think are foundational problems of healthcare. How do you help match patients to providers?”

The Pursuit of a Good Challenge

With Oren Levy

“You never know where life will take you. I think it’s best to have some guiding principles. Deciding where you should go and what you should do. And then, you let those guiding principles, take you wherever they may.”

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