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Vinod Khosla: Hubris and Paranoia

With Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures

“It’s okay to have overconfidence. It’s okay to do ambitious things, but it’s not okay to be blind to reality.”

Hemant Taneja: Greater Intention

With Hemant Taneja, Managing Partner, General Catalyst

In our 100th episode, we talk about what it means to truly deliver access to health rather than just access to care.

Kevin Coloton: The Maturity Curve

With Kevin Coloton, Founder & CEO, Curation Health

“They’ve been practicing one way of medicine for 30 plus years, and on a dime, we’re asking them to practice medicine in a very different way.”

David Kuraguntla: The Internet of the Body

With David Kuraguntla, Co-Founder & CEO, Alio

“We didn’t want the Internet of things becoming the internet of the Body to pass us by. And that meant being in control of our own destiny.”

Paddy Padmanabhan: Accelerating the Future

With Paddy Padmanabhan, Founder and CEO, Damo Consulting

Listen to this episode to learn about the evolving role of CIOs, telehealth reimbursement rates, and the role of consumerism in shaping healthcare experiences. 

Carine Carmy: From the Inside Out

With Carine Carmy, Co-Founder & CEO, Origin

Listen to this episode to learn about the basics of pelvic floor health, how one entrepreneur overcame “imposter syndrome,” and how her company weathered the COVID storm.

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