The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the UCSF Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied careers. 


Jason Langheier: What’s Your Relationship With Food?

With Jason Langheier, Founder & CEO Foodsmart

“If everybody had not just a primary care doctor, but a primary care dietician, a primary care therapist, athletic facilities, and diet education systems, we’d all be a lot better off.”

Adrian Fenty: Demand Disruption

With Adrian Fenty, Venture Capitalist & Former Mayor, Washington D.C.

“The same things that were the predominant most important things in being a mayor or a public CEO were the same things that were important in being a venture capitalist. You have to hire great people.”

Trevor Martin: This Programmable Life

With Trevor Martin

“To break the rules, you need to know the rules. That’s where I think building out a team that has people at the cutting edge of research, inventors of the technology, and people who have deep experience in commercializing is a uniquely powerful combination.”

Russell Glass: Solving Staggering Problems

With Russell Glass

“Our mission is to create the world’s most accessible and comprehensive mental health platform.”

Bob Wachter: Debating the Digital Divide

With Dr. Bob Wachter

“The likeliest outcome, if we do this right, is that the digitization of medicine should improve equity and improve access.”

Ronald Dixon: The DNA of a Winning Organization

With Ronald Dixon

“We use the technology to shine light on a population at risk, and then see what the upper opportunity for accurate diagnosis and accurate risk coding is with our technology.”