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The best and the brightest in the healthtech industry sit down with the UCSF Rosenman Institute to discuss life, career, and lessons learned. Tune in for the lessons they’ve learned over their long and storied careers. 


From Clinical Practice to Policy: Shaping the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Ari Hoffman

With Dr. Ari Hoffman, Chief Clinical Officer and Vice President, Collective Health

Through dedication, adaptability, and embracing change, Dr. Hoffman illustrates the power of personal growth and innovation in reshaping healthcare systems.

Beyond Boundaries: AI’s Leap into Healthcare with Munjal Shah

With Munjal Shah, Co-Founder and CEO, Hippocratic AI

“I think your mission finds you. You just have to be receptive and you just have to be open to it.”

Breaking Boundaries in Healthtech Venture Capital with Vivien Ho

With Vivien Ho, Partner, Pear VC

“In healthcare it’s not just like, hey, there’s a problem, let’s go build software. It’s like, do you understand the true problems that these customers are facing?”

Innovating and Reimagining Weight Loss with Sarah Jones Simmer

With Sarah Jones Simmer, CEO, Found

“What’s even more impactful to me than watching the number on the scale is watching what happens off the scale at the non-scale victories.”

Integrating the Future of Healthcare: A Conversation with Cédric Kovacs-Johnson

With Cédric Kovacs-Johnson, Founder & CEO, Flume Health

“Part of what we think is holding the industry back is frankly a lack of systems and coordination on a basic infrastructure level to go to the next phase.”

Health Policy Revolution: The Visionary Insights of Ruth Krystopolski

With Ruth Krystopolski, President, Ayin Health Solutions at Providence Health Systems

“The goal is to provide the right care to the right patient in the right place at the right time, to provide the best outcome.”

Mary Langowski: Leading the Charge in Digital Health Revolution

With Mary Langowski, Executive Vice President & President of US Healthcare, Walgreens Boots Alliance

“You’ve got to be vulnerable with the people who are giving you advice so that it matches who you are and what you need.”

Christopher McGhee: Revolutionizing Home Healthcare

With Christopher McGhee, Co-founder and CEO, Current Health

Developing wearable technologies that reduce clinical visits and enhance the home care experience for patients.

Innovating with Heart: Joe Connolly’s Journey to Transform Women’s Healthcare

With Joe Connolly, Founder & CEO, Visana Health

“I’ve always had this passion for trying to improve people’s lives and for trying to be innovative and solve real-world problems.”

Rosenman Founder

Empowering Change: How Fumi Mitsuishi is Transforming Social Justice in Psychiatric Care

With Director of Citywide Case Management & Professor of Clinical Psychology, UCSF

“It is about providing the human relationship that allows a patient to first of all accept the treatment and then continue the treatment and think about moving towards their recovery.”

UCSF Professor

Robin Shah: Thyme Care – A Better Journey for All

With Robin Shah, Founder & CEO, Thyme Care

“You can be a great physician, you can provide great services, but if you don’t have a good business, you will go under.”

Andrew Farquharson: The Building Blocks of Success

With Andrew Farquharson, Managing Director, InCube Ventures

“There is this line between passionate conviction and delusion. And if you can’t get good people around your concept, that’s a signal.”

Sean Mehra: From Online Gaming to Pioneering the Digital Healthcare Revolution

With Sean Mehra, Founder & CEO, HealthTap

“When someone says, you saved my life, or you took me from a moment of pain and stress and turned it into a moment of relief and happiness, there is no greater reward.”

Rosalind Picard: Venturing into the Unknown

With Rosalind Picard, Professor at MIT Media Lab, Co-founder & Chief Scientist Empatica, Co-founder Affectiva

“There’s just a real value to inviting in people who see things differently than you do and really listening to them.”

Sam Holliday: Pioneering GI Transformations

With Sam Holliday, Co-Founcer & CEO, Oshi Health

“Honestly, if you could spend your whole career and just save one life, it seems a life worth living.”

Nate Maslak: The Power of Information

With Nate Maslak, Co-founder & CEO, Ribbon Health

“The biggest blocker to healthcare operating like a true market is that we do not have access to the information that you need at a given moment in time to make the right decisions.”

Craig Mermel: Selling Science Fiction

With Craig Mermel, Precision President & Chief Product Officer, Precision Neuroscience

Learn about Craig’s pioneering work merging data science with healthcare, harnessing machine learning’s power to innovate medicine.

Daniel Etra: Scaling the Right Level of Care

With Daniel Etra, Co-founder and CEO of RethinkFirst

Learn the intricacies of autism intervention and the quest for data-driven treatment outcomes.

Peter Socarras: A Connection to Purpose

With Peter Socarras, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Nevro

Peter’s multifaceted career trajectory has had one common denominator: a dedication to the life sciences.

Joanna Drake: Investing in Care

With Joanna Drake, Co-Founder & Managing Partner, Magnify Ventures

Joanna discusses balancing caregiving and investment in a male-dominated field, emphasizing the extra challenges women face at home and work.

Sandeep Akkaraju: Simplifying Care in the Modern World

With Sandeep Akkaraju, Co-Founder & CEO, Exo Imaging

“Accepting that failure is part of any pioneering work.”

Riddhiman Das: Delivering Breakthrough Innovations Using Secure Data

With Riddhiman Das, Co-Founder, Triple Blind

“30% of the world’s data is healthcare data.”

Yasi Baiani: Optimizing Healthcare Integration

With Yasi Baiani, Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer at Raya

“The expectation is that product teams can craft and shape themselves based on the needs of the company.”

Deborah Kilpatrick: Improving Everyday Health

With Deborah Kilpatrick, Executive Chair of the Board

“Our secret sauce really involves leveraging a form of health data called person generated health data.”

Zack Gray: The Opioid Crises Treatment Gap

With Zack Gray, Co-founder & CEO, Ophelia

“The first problem that we set out to solve is the problem of the treatment gap. The fact that most people who need treatment can’t get it.”

Patricia Bradley: The Full Continuum of Care

With Patricia Bradley, Global Chief Commercial Officer, MindMaze

Pharma & digital health expert, Patricia Bradley, is scaling a comprehensive solution for brain health and recovery.

Alon Joffe: Bridging the Patient-Clinician Gap in Behavioral Health

With Alon Joffe, Co-founder & CEO, Eleos Health

“The point is that we’re not here to replace clinicians, but we truly believe that you can augment clinicians with data that will just make their life so much easier.”

A. J. Loiacono: The Tylenol Rule

With A. J. Loiacono, Co-founder & CEO of Capital Rx

“Supply chain is complex, pharmacy benefits are complex, claim administration is complex. But the ideas are simple and right in front of you.”

Erin Harkless Moore: Underrepresented & Undercapitalized

With Erin Harkless Moore, Senior Director | Investments, Pivotal Ventures

“By not investing in women, you’re missing out on tremendous opportunities and leaving money on the table”.

David Hanson: The Future of AI

With David Hanson, Founder & CEO, Hanson Robotics,

“Maybe these machines won’t be sentient, but just even as a high-fidelity simulator of human presence, if we use them to practice our compassion.”

Richard Lungen: Looking Behind the Scenes

With Richard Lungen, Founder, Leverage Health Solutions

“There is a lot of interesting complexity that happens behind the scenes between providers and health plans.”

Ogi Kavazovic: A Broken System

With Ogi Kavazovic, Co-Founder & CEO, House Rx

“This is the problem we’re trying to solve, which is, those patients who are battling serious disease are having the hardest time in getting the medication they need because of the broken system.”

Sean Saint: Standalone Success

With Sean Saint, CEO, Beta Bionics

“There were times I thought we couldn’t solve that technical problem, but you just have keep at it.”

David Mou: Telehealth Mental Revolution

With David Mou, MD, MBA, CEO, Cerebral

“Data science is what’s going to really revolutionize the field of mental health providers going forward.”

Brad Hirsch: Revolutionizing Clinical Trials

With Brad Hirsch, Head of Product & Implementation, Verily

“What always has kept me going is a belief that we’re doing something bigger.”

Tamar Thompson: Coding Toward a Better Health-Policy Future

With Tamar Thompson, Avidity Bioscience Director & Vice President, Head of Corporate Affairs of Alexion

“It’s important for patient groups to help policy makers understand their journeys and what’s important to them.”

Liz Kislik: Conflict Managed

With Liz Kislik, Contributor, Harvard Business Review, Forbes. Management Consultant. Executive Coach. TEDx Speaker

“Curiosity comes first, and then, self-regulation.”

Jay Johnson: Behavioral Intelligence

With Jay Johnson, Keynote Speaker | Author | Organizational Culture Guide

“Entrepreneurs are always looking for new answers, new opportunities, new innovations, and new ways of thinking.”

Lindy Fishburne: “Break Out” Into a New Space

With Lindy Fishburne, Managing Partner, Breakout Ventures

“If you know the meaning behind what you’re doing, then that passion comes through and translates and makes it easier to get out of bed and do it again the next day.”

Arvind Rajan: Transformative Care

With Arvind Rajan,

“The secret is there is no secret. It is really about provided providing standards based care and listening and working with a patient closely.”

Frank Dobbin: Commitment to Change

With Frank Dobbin, Professor of Sociology, Harvard University

“If you move toward democratizing recruitment, mentoring, skill management, training, work life supports, you see very big increases in women and people of color in management.”

Guy Friedman: Building Trust

With Guy Friedman, Co-founder & CEO, SteadyMD

“You can’t fail if you don’t give up. If you don’t give up, you never fail. So just keep going.”

Lorin Gu: Problem Solvers With Capital

With Lorin gu, Founding Partner,

“A lot of times people don’t feel comfortable talking or addressing women specific issues.”

Nada Hanafi: See It, Believe It

With Nada O. Hanafi, Senior Vice President, Veranex & Co-Founder and Board Director, MedTech Color

“How do you overcome that barrier so that you are actually serving these communities appropriately and winning their trust?”

Maureen Shaffer: How to Tell Your Story

With Maureen Shaffer, Founder & CEO, Mingletoe

“Know who you are and what you are.”

Manav Sevak: The Care in Care Delivery

With Manav Sevak, Founder & CEO, Memora

“Every single care team wishes they could have more touch points with their patients.”

Kyle Kiser: A Tough Pill to Swallow

With Kyle Kyser, Founder & CEO, Arrive Health (formerly RxRevu)

“The medication that works is the one the patient can afford.”

Julie Wroblewski: Investing in the Future

With Julie Wroblewski, Co-Founder & Managing Partner of Magnify Ventures

“Seeing a founder with incredible conviction and ability to attract and keep talent early on is incredibly important.”

Rajit Kamal: Leading with Vulnerability

With Rajit Kamal, President for Sports Medicine & Shoulder Reconstruction, Johnson & Johnson

“What is important is to make an effort, to get to know whom you work with and for them to get to know you.”

Prentice Tom: Sounds of Mental Illness

With Prentice Tom, CMO, Kintsugi Health

“There is a lot of stigma around mental health conditions still. It’s unfortunate. This shouldn’t be, but there is.”

Anne Tumlinson: Step Off the Cliff

With Anne Tumlinson, Founder & CEO, ATI Advisory

“I think almost every entrepreneur has this moment when they step off the cliff.”

Marcus Whitney: Orchestrating Change

With Marcus Whitney, Founder, Jumpstart Nova

“The historical data tells us that for decades, venture funds have not been open to investing in diverse founders.”

John Kao: The Servant Leader

With John Kao: Founder & CEO, Alignment Healthcare 

“It’s very hard to be a leader if you’re not really connecting with people.”

Nagraj Kashyap: Art, Not Science

With Nagraj Kashyap, Managing Partner, SoftBank Investment Advisers

“At the earliest stages, you don’t have to convince any VC firm that you’re the market leader. You have to convince them you have the potential to be the market leader.”

Vivian Lee: We Are All Unique

With Vivian Lee, President of Health Platforms, Verily

“We really have to find the right balance between the public and private sector in managing healthcare in this country. We are the only high income nation in the world that does not provide universal healthcare.”

Mike Snyder: The System is Broken

With Mike Snyder, Chair of Genetics, Director of Genomics & Personalized Medicine, Stanford University

“I’m a believer that the healthcare system’s broken. We’re very focused on treating people when they’re ill, as opposed to trying to keep people healthy.”

Allyson Schwartz: Tackling “It”

With Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz

“Don’t give politicians a pass, but recognize who’s there for you and who’s not.”

Troy Bannister: Setting the Vision

With Troy Bannister, Co-founder & CEO, Particle Health

“I think it’s the responsibility of the CEO as well as the leadership team to constantly be testing that vision and ask the dumb questions.”

Lucia Huang: Destigmatizing Mental Health

With Lucia Huang, Co-Founder & CEO, Osmind

“Many people grew up in an era where mental healthcare was highly stigmatized and not at all discussed, and it continues to be that way. So I think we should be trying to work on de-stigmatization from the top down.”

Dan Trigub: Health Is Moving to the Home

With Dan Trigub, Co-Founder & CEO, MedArrive

“We want to be a bridge between onsite clinical care and pure telehealth. We want to be the eyes and ears of a provider through a telehealth platform, and we want to do it in a cost effective and efficient manner.”

Nicole Walker: From Creating to Capitalizing

With Nicole Walker, Managing Partner, Arboretum Ventures

“You don’t have to have perfect technology—you need a strong team with a unique perspective that addresses a true pain point in our health system.”

Senator Scott Wiener: Your Health, Our Government

With Senator Scott Wiener: California State Senator

“Historically in this country there’s been this notion that behavioral health and mental health is somehow different from physical health. This is in part because there’s been historically so little understanding around mental health.”

Devon Huff: Breaking Barriers

With Devon Huff, CEO, MiSalud,

“There’s also the inescapable fact that medicine in the United States is absurdly expensive. Some of the barriers to medical care are cultural, but most of them are cost.”

Neal Eigler: Get Traction!

With Neal Eigler, CEO & Founder, V-Wave Ltd

“It’s very important to look at what other people are doing in the industry: how they’re solving problems, how they’re being funded, and how they network. Because if you can, it’s always better to learn from the mistakes of others than your own.”

Amrinder Singh: Deliberate and Focused

With Amrinder Singh, Principal, Vensana Capital

“I think if you look at some of the companies that have been more successful, some of them have started shifting to a risk based model over the last five years.”

Andrew Kobylinski: Beyond the Clinic

With Andrew Kobylinski, CEO & Co-Founder, Primary Health

“I think we’re at the very beginnings of a new category of healthcare IT software, one that facilitates healthcare in the home and in community settings.”

Josh Miele: A Life of Constant Innovation

With Joshua Miele, Principal Accessibility Researcher, Amazon Lab 126

“Being a blind person — in fact, being a person with any disability — is a constant effort of innovation and creation. I think in many ways, disability drives innovation. Necessity is the mother of invention.”

Deena Shakir: Driven By a Burning Problem

With Deena Shakir, Partner, Lux Capital

“A lot of this business is about great ideas, but most of it is really about great people.”

James Min: The Measure of a Heart

With James Min, Founder and CEO, Cleerly

“What we’ve developed is a digital care pathway to standardize and personalize assessment, education, treatment, and tracking of heart disease.”

Jon Norris: Are You A Good Investment?

With Jon Norris, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Bank

“I’m incredibly excited about where things are gonna go. There will be valuation pressures, but in the end, great companies will continue to get funded. I don’t see much of a downturn in series A or overall in the investment sector. It’s gonna be another pretty good year.”

Erika Andersen: The Change Arc

With Erika Andersen, Founding Partner, Proteus

“We need to rewire ourselves. We need to learn to think differently about change so that we don’t automatically see it as bad.”

Thomas Tsang: Coming From a Humble Perspective

With Thomas Tsang, CEO & Co-Founder, Valera Health

“We want to help patients who do not have access to mental health services. We feel like the mild population of mental illnesses is being served by many companies, and yet no one is serving the people with severe illnesses.”

Jason Langheier: What’s Your Relationship With Food?

With Jason Langheier, Founder & CEO Foodsmart

“If everybody had not just a primary care doctor, but a primary care dietician, a primary care therapist, athletic facilities, and diet education systems, we’d all be a lot better off.”

Adrian Fenty: Demand Disruption

With Adrian Fenty, Venture Capitalist & Former Mayor, Washington D.C.

“The same things that were the predominant most important things in being a mayor or a public CEO were the same things that were important in being a venture capitalist. You have to hire great people.”

Trevor Martin: This Programmable Life

With Trevor Martin, Co-founder & CEO, Mammoth Biosciences.

“To break the rules, you need to know the rules. That’s where I think building out a team that has people at the cutting edge of research, inventors of the technology, and people who have deep experience in commercializing is a uniquely powerful combination.”

Russell Glass: Solving Staggering Problems

With Russell Glass, CEO, Headspace Health

“Our mission is to create the world’s most accessible and comprehensive mental health platform.”

Bob Wachter: Debating the Digital Divide

With Dr. Bob Wachter, Professor & Chair, Department of Medicine at UCSF

“The likeliest outcome, if we do this right, is that the digitization of medicine should improve equity and improve access.”

Ronald Dixon: The DNA of a Winning Organization

With Ronald Dixon, CEO & Co-Founder, CareHive

“We use the technology to shine light on a population at risk, and then see what the upper opportunity for accurate diagnosis and accurate risk coding is with our technology.”

Dana Kanze: Double Standards in Your Industry

With Dr. Dana Kanze, Professor, London Business School

“All of us are vulnerable to these biases. We all need to have a structured approach to consistently framing our questions.”

Jeremiah Robison: The Amazing Electrical System

With Jeremiah Robison, CEO & Co-Founder, CIONIC

“I started in my garage in 2018, building prototypes even before taking on any capital. I wanted to convince myself that this was not just a parent really desperate for a solution, but that this was possible. I was making a commitment not just to investors, but to my family as well.”

C.K. Wang, MD: Data For the Real World

With C.K. Wang, MD

“One of the promises of repository of medical records is the fact that we can glean insights and use them to better understand what is going on in the real world, and hopefully use that knowledge and all of that insight to help facilitate drug discovery or improve patient care.”

Sonia Arrison: Who Wants to Live Forever?

With Sonia Arrison

“We might be actually able to repair ourselves, rather than just keeping ourselves alive longer and still sick.”

Suzanne Barakat: Documents of Unfathomable Trauma

With Suzanne Barakat

“Until we are able to see beyond the otherization and the xenophobia that is so predominant in the fabric of this country, we are not going to be able to make effective changes.”

Ofer Leidner: Mind Matters

With Ofer Leidner

“When we are actually treating and supporting people with their behavioral interventions, we often hear about many diseases that are triggered by episodes of stress, anxiety, and sometimes depression.”

Maria Velissaris: Investing in the Future

With Maria Velissaris

“We want to make sure that there’s access to healthcare for all Americans, not just a few select lucky ones.”

Andrew Parker: Business is Personal

With Andrew Parker

“I think when you combine your personal experience with work experience, a lot of positivity could come out of it.”

Sachin Jain: Asking the Hard Questions

With Sachin Jain

“We are exquisitely focused on wanting to make the world better, but at the same time, we’re not necessarily doing our part to actually participate in the lives of the people we care about.”

Tyler Shultz: More Than a Whistleblower

With Tyler Shultz

“I think what I learned in life is that nobody knows everything.”

Dan Riskin: Leading with Authenticity

With Dan Riskin

“It took me years to get comfortable in a culture of politics and policy, to actually be able to collaborate with a large group and move the ball forward.”

Andy Doraiswamy: Moving the Needle

With Andy Doraiswamy

“As innovators, our role is to think about what the patient needs. That’s where it begins.”

Steve Wigginton: The Leadership Baseline

With Steve Wigginton

“We have to continually think about how are we creating value and how we demonstrate that to our customers.”

Nancy Lurker: Getting Out There

With Nancy Lurker

“One of the things I tell my team and some of the younger people is: get out there and get to know people. Don’t just stay in your little box.”

Adrienne Schneider: Reputation is Everything

With Adrienne Schneider

“It’s one thing to get your foot in the door as a healthcare startup. It’s another thing to stay there.”

Nicholas Conn: The Seat of Power

With Nicholas Conn

“Data is just part of the picture. At the end of the day, we have to drive outcomes.”

Kimberly Smith: Good Trouble

With Dr. Kimberly Smith

“I think it’s a good thing that there’s competition because if there weren’t competition, there would be no motivation to keep doing better.”

Catalina Hoffman: Fighting the Nos

With Catalina Hoffman

“Don’t think of aging as a sad thing. Think of it as an opportunity.”

Frank Dobbin: Reimagining Diversity

With Frank Dobbin

“In the corporate world, as in the university world, mentoring is one of the most effective things that help to move people up.”

Peter Hames: The Only Person Awake

With Peter Hames

“The great beauty of our approach is that we can deliver really good sustained health very, very quickly.”

Chris Hemphill: The Ethics of Our Algorithms

With Chris Hemphill

“The basic concept of this framework is to consistently expand the outreach to people in underserved populations who otherwise wouldn’t have gotten that important communication.”

Lindy Greer: The Culture of Curiosity

With Lindy Greer

“How can I be as disciplined in my social interaction as I am in my code, or my design for an engine?”

Michael Favet: Following Your Passion

With Michael Favet: President & CEO, NeuroPace

“A career is definitely a journey, not a straight line.”

Nicole Malachowski: Breaking Through the Noise

With Nicole M. E. Malachowski

“It’s a signal that I’m doing something cool or different or new if I got a couple of agitators out there.”

Stephanie Tilenius: Treating the Body and the Mind

With Stephanie Tilenius

“If your first product is not embarrassing… then you’re not doing it fast enough.”

Mehdi Peikar: Fighting Tooth and Nail

With Medhi Peikar, Founder, BRIUS Technology

“You should have a vision and you should be very strong about that vision.”

Joel Klein: Making the Most of IT

With Joel Klein, Chief Information Officer, Maryland Medical System

“I’ve always enjoyed trying to get the most out of our IT systems, and trying to get them to make life easier for those of us who were on the front lines, taking care of patients.”

Chris McFadden: The Future of Care

With Chris McFadden, Managing Director, KKR

“We have the underlying digital infrastructure. We now have a willingness and a capacity to think differently about care delivery. Where does that take us?”

Vinod Khosla: Hubris and Paranoia

With Vinod Khosla, Founder, Khosla Ventures

“It’s okay to have overconfidence. It’s okay to do ambitious things, but it’s not okay to be blind to reality.”

Hemant Taneja: Greater Intention

With Hemant Taneja, Managing Partner, General Catalyst

In our 100th episode, we talk about what it means to truly deliver access to health rather than just access to care.

Kevin Coloton: The Maturity Curve

With Kevin Coloton, Founder & CEO, Curation Health

“They’ve been practicing one way of medicine for 30 plus years, and on a dime, we’re asking them to practice medicine in a very different way.”

David Kuraguntla: The Internet of the Body

With David Kuraguntla, Co-Founder & CEO, Alio

“We didn’t want the Internet of things becoming the internet of the Body to pass us by. And that meant being in control of our own destiny.”

Paddy Padmanabhan: Accelerating the Future

With Paddy Padmanabhan, Founder and CEO, Damo Consulting

Listen to this episode to learn about the evolving role of CIOs, telehealth reimbursement rates, and the role of consumerism in shaping healthcare experiences. 

Carine Carmy: From the Inside Out

With Carine Carmy, Co-Founder & CEO, Origin

Listen to this episode to learn about the basics of pelvic floor health, how one entrepreneur overcame “imposter syndrome,” and how her company weathered the COVID storm.

Ivana Schnur: The Healing Contract

With Ivana Schnur, MD/PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Sense.ly

“One of the most important lessons for me remains that respect for the sacredness of the human condition and that sacred contract between doctor and a patient.”

Chyrell D. Bellamy: The Value of Lived Experience

With Chyrell D. Bellamy, PhD, Associate Professor, Yale School of Medicine

“We need more leaders who are out about their mental health experiences, substance use experiences, and other lived experiences.”

Erin Parks: Treating Eating Disorders

With Erin Parks, PhD, Co-Founder, Equip

“When you’re getting mental health treatment, and you don’t get better, it’s not your fault. It’s the treatment’s fault.”

Eric Dy: To Providers or Consumers?

With Eric Dy, PhD, Co-Founder & CEO, Bloomlife

“At a technology level, there’s nothing different between a consumer product and a medical device.”

Alison Darcy: Robot Empathy

With Alison Darcy, President & Founder, Woebot

“How can a robot also be a tool that allows you to challenge your thinking?”

Ravyn Miller: Speedbumps Accelerate Access

With Ravyn Miller: Sr. Marketing Director, Medtronic

“We need to put speed bumps into healthcare decision-making processes, to ensure that we are holding ourselves accountable, not to fall prey to our biases.”

Jason Bellet: Advisers and Adopters

With Jason Bellet, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Eko

“Your advisors are very likely going to be your earliest customers.”

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic: Confidence and Competence

With Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, Chief Talent Scientist, ManpowerGroup

“It’s a shame that in today’s world all style and no substance will get you further in life than no style and all substance, and that’s something we need to change.”

Daniel Kraft: Harnessing Digital Exhaust

With Daniel Kraft, Chair, XPRIZE Pandemic Alliance Task Force

“A ton of new data is coming in different forms, and there’s almost too much of it. No clinician wants the data. They want the synthesis of what that means.”

Ali Tamaseb: What Makes a Super Founder?

With Ali Tamaseb, Partner, DCVC

“I don’t think that there’s that many people of that caliber out there who have that kind of passion and rigor for taking ideas and building and getting them to a finish line.”

The Perfect Storm: Jon Norris on Investing During COVID-19

With Jon Norris, Managing Director for Business Development, SVB Life Sciences

“The opportunity and environment for funding is super strong. If you are a company that’s looking for funding, this is a pretty good time to be out there looking for capital.”

Seeing Yourself Clearly: Erika Andersen on Leadership

With Erika Andersen, Founding Partner, Proteus

“If somebody has decided to engage with a coach, the first thing we do is help you see how you are seen.”

Listening is the First Step

With Lusi Chien, Managing Partner, Outlier Ventures

“Understand the problem before you start to solve it. Your user, their pain points, their needs.”

The Fundamentals of Leadership

With Harry M. Jansen Kraemer

“Everything related to leadership starts with self-reflection. Step one: If I’m not self-reflective, is it possible for me to know myself? I don’t think so. Part two, if I don’t know myself, is it possible for me to lead myself? I doubt that. Third part is, if I can’t lead myself, how can I possibly lead others?”

Treating Essential Tremor

With Kate Rosenbluth

“The idea at its core is that there are many great solutions, there are many great technologies out there. But to really make an impact, you need to make sure that you are working on something that is truly an unmet need.”

Unlocking Health Data

With Claudia Williams

“I think there’s a common recognition among people that are trying to change the way healthcare operates. We need to standardize how we do data sharing so that we can actually have any spare bandwidth to focus on the actual innovation we’re trying to create.”

Machine Intelligence in Healthcare Systems

With Zeeshan Syed

“We’re working together on problems that we think are foundational problems of healthcare. How do you help match patients to providers?”

The Pursuit of a Good Challenge

With Oren Levy

“You never know where life will take you. I think it’s best to have some guiding principles. Deciding where you should go and what you should do. And then, you let those guiding principles, take you wherever they may.”

Exploring Neural Circuits

With Katherine Scangos

“We are using imaging and EEG techniques to try to find different types of depression that can help us predict what types of treatment are better for each patient and predict whether a treatment will be successful earlier.”

Beyond the Stethoscope

With Connor Landgraf, Co-Founder & CEO, Eko

“I think you have dogged persistence and belief in the problem that you’re trying to solve. And you have to have the conviction that you’re just going to beat your head against the wall over and over and over again until you find a way to break it down.”

Creating an AI Nurse

With Julia Hu, Co-Founder & CEO, Lark Health

“There are more than a billion chronic patients in the world. And because there are not enough doctors and nurses, we felt there was a real opportunity to use technology to create an AI nurse that felt personal and compassionate.”

Inclusion in Venture Capital

With Sharon Vosmek, CEO, Astia

“I think because we socialize men and women differently, having women on a team leads to this higher performance. And I don’t think it’s genetic. I think it’s socialized. Add to it women’s relationship to money.”

What Makes a Great Product?

With SC Moatti, Managing Partner, Mighty Capital

“The best product is winning in this COVID era.”

Becoming a Better Leader & Team Manager

With Maria Sainz, President & CEO, AEGEA Medical

“There are things that are core to innovating in medical devices, which I think can be applied and used regardless of the size of the company.”

Glen Tullman: Developing Others & Giving Back

With Glen Tullman, Managing Partner, 7wireVentures

“Hire great people, develop people, bet on people, trust people and reward people. All of those are key elements of what we have to do in our businesses today.”

Restoring Patient Health from Metabolic Disease

With Harith Rajagopalan, MD, PhD

“It is impossible for any human being, even the most intelligent, to stay on top of that level of complexity.”

Preventing Foot Amputation in Diabetes Patients

With Jon Bloom, MD

“It’s been whole days in the operating room doing nothing but amputations. I kept thinking like, this is Civil War medicine. If it’s disease, you cut it off…if we could solve this thing, wouldn’t, that be amazing?”

How to Be a Confident, Effective Speaker

With Matt Abrahams, Co-Founder & Principal, BoldEcho Communications

“Tell me the time, don’t build me the clock.”

Telemedicine in the Women’s Health Space

With Crystal Evuleocha, CEO & Co-Founder, Kiira Health

“What I saw when I moved here was a lot of students from really diverse backgrounds on these campuses. And what’s really missed sometimes is not having clinicians who are representative of all these students.”

Faster & Better EEG Tests with Zeto

With Aswin Gunasekar, CEO & Founder, Zeto

“We want to provide a 10X process improvement because it’s one thing to talk about the future, but there’s a cadence to that. You first need to go after the inefficient work that physicians, EEG, technologists and caregivers do, so that they can be more productive in providing patient care.”

Managing Chronic Conditions Outside the Clinic

With Christine Lemke, Co-Founder, Co-CEO, & President, Evidation Health

“Our bodies are the ultimate supply chain, shepherding all the different nutrients through our body and waste through the body. It’s a tightly run logistics system at the end of the day.”

Scaling the Deskless Workforce

With Matt Fairhurst, Co-Founder & CEO, Skedulo

Skedulo is helping the world understand and manage their workforce, schedule and assign work faster and intelligently and get work on mobile devices.

Healthcare for a Changing Population

With Abner Mason, Founder & CEO, ConsejoSano

Prior to starting ConsejoSano, Abner founded and led the Workplace Wellness Council of Mexico, now the leading workplace wellness company in Mexico.

Shifamed, a Silicon Valley Medtech Innovation Hub

With Amr Salahieh, President & CEO, Shifamed

“We’re looking for scientific evidence that a concept is likely to be successful. And then, what did the first generation miss? So we can differentiate ourselves in features and technology.”

Digital Transformation, Safety, and Privacy in Healthcare

With Joe R. Bengfort, CIO, UCSF

“30% of the barriers to digital is in the technology and data. 70% is changing the culture and changing the workflow. And in healthcare, I think it’s particularly difficult.”

Digital Twins for Clinical Trials

With Charles K. Fisher, PhD, Founder & CEO, Unlearn.AI

Charles is founder and CEO of Unlearn.AI, a company developing “digital twins” for clinical trials. What is a digital twin? It’s a comprehensive, longitudinal, and computationally generated clinical record that describes what would have happened if a specific patient had received a placebo.

The Advantage of Being the Underdog

With Malay Gandhi, SVP, Business Operations, Evidation Health

“If you ask entrepreneurs, which we did, every six months we surveyed them, the most valuable thing we did was open doors.” Malay Gandhi is Partner at the VC firm Ensemble Labs, and Senior VP for Business Operations at Evidation Health.

How to Handle Money & Investors

With John Adler, Jr., MD

The CEO of both Zap Surgical and Cureus Inc., Dr. Adler is world-renowned for inventing the CyberKnife and the related field of image-guided therapeutic radiation. In this podcast episode he shares wisdom on how to handle money & investors.⁠

Top-Level Management

With Frank Fischer, Chairman of the Board, Neuropace

Frank Fischer, Chairman of the Board at NeuroPace, has more than 40 years experience in senior medtech leadership. Former President & CEO of Heartport, Ventritex. Does he have some wisdom to impart? You bet. Check out our latest episode.⁠

Lessons from a Career as a Physician Entrepreneur

With Frederick St. Goar, MD, Vice Chairman of the Board, Fogarty Institute

Dr. Fred St. Goar relates lessons from his career as an interventional cardiologist, inventor, and entrepreneur.

Predicting the Future with Big Data

With Thomas Osborne, MD, Chief Medical Informatics Officer, VA Palo Alto Health Care System

How the Pandemic is Changing Investing

With Ali Farahanchi, Managing Director, DHVC, an early-stage tech and life science fund in Palo Alto.

On a Mission to Solve Chronic Pain

With Dr. Prasad Shirvalkar, neurologist and interventional pain medicine specialist who provides the full spectrum of care for chronic pain conditions.

Working with a Changing Playbook During the Pandemic

With Heather Bowerman, founder and CEO of DotLab, a molecular diagnostics company in women’s health.

Advice for Entrepreneurs in a Crisis

With Steve Blank, the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship. Credited with launching the Lean Startup movement, he’s changed how startups are built; how entrepreneurship is taught; how science is commercialized, and how companies and the government innovate.

On the Front Lines Against the Coronavirus

With Ajay Dharia, MD, Principal at Medtech Venture Partners

Virtual Cardiac Rehab at Moving Analytics

With Harsh Vathsangam, CEO of Moving Analytics

Who You Need on Your Board and Why

With Joe Mandato, Managing Director of DeNovo Ventures

Investing in the Team

With James Eadie, MD, Partner at Santé Ventures

Transforming Mental Health Care

With Matt Milford, Co-Founder of Foresight Mental Health

Empowered Advance Care Planning

With Ryan Van Wert, Co-Founder & CEO of Vynca

Mentorship & Innovation in Patient Care (Part 2 of 2)

With Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder of the Fogarty Institute

Mentorship & Innovation in Patient Care (Part 1 of 2)

With Thomas J. Fogarty, MD, Founder of the Fogarty Institute

Innovating Digital Solutions for Chronic Disease

With Sean Duffy, Co-Founder & CEO of Omada Health

Enspectra’s Bloodless Skin Biopsy

With Gabriel Sanchez, PhD, Founder & CEO of Enspectra Health

Precision Medicine at the Single-Cell Level

With Charlie Silver, Co-Founder and CEO of Mission Bio

Leadership Roles in Medtech

With Beverly Huss, CEO of Qool Therapeutics

Activism in Palliative Care

With Shoshana Ungerleider, MD, California Pacific Medical Center

Innovation & Branding for a Consumer Product

With Santhi Analytis, PhD, CTO & Co-Founder of Moxxly

Leadership by Women in Healthtech

With Lisa Suennen, Leader of Manatt Digital & Technology

With more than 30 years’ experience as an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, board member and strategic advisor, she has focused broadly on new technologies and how they are transforming businesses.

Cancer Immunology & the Microbiome

With Kareem Barghouti, Co-Founder and CEO of VastBiome

Predicting Epileptic Seizures in Children

With Rachel Kuperman, MD, CEO of Eysz, Inc.

A Non-Hormonal Treatment for Vaginal Dryness

With Holly Rockweiler, Co-Founder and CEO of Madorra

Preventing Brain Cancer Recurrence with GammaTiles

With Matt Likens, President and CEO of GT Medical Technologies

Bootstrapping Resorbable Drug Delivery at Bioinspire

With Dorna Hakimi, PhD, Founder and CEO of BioInspire Technologies

How to Position Your Story for Financial Audiences

With Caroline Corner, PhD, Managing Partner of Westwicke Partners

Candesant’s Topical Device to Treat Excessive Sweating

With Niquette Hunt, CEO of Candesant Biomedical

Wirelessly Monitoring the GI Tract at G-Tech Medical

With Steve Axelrod, PhD, President & CEO of G-Tech Medical

Making the Switch from Engineer to CEO at Prescient

With Jonathan Coe, Co-Founder, President & CEO of Prescient Surgical

How We Invest at Cota Capital

With Shubhra Jain, MD, Senior Associate of Cota Capital

How to Get Funded

With Ryan Pierce, Co-Founder and CEO of Nine & Lecturer in Bioengineering, Stanford

Pioneering Fetal Surgery

With Michael R. Harrison, MD

Lessons from Founding ForSight Labs

With Gene DeJuan, Jr., MD, Founder & Vice-Chairman of ForSight Labs

Detecting Acute Kidney Injury at Potrero Medical

With Joe Urban, CEO of Potrero Medical

Smart Birth Control at Cadence Digital

With Amanda French, Co-Founder and CEO of Cadence Digital

Innovating in Drug Delivery at Suono Bio

With Carl Schoellhammer, Founder and COO of Suono Bio

Pivoting with Advanced Materials at Loma Vista Medical

With Alex Tilson, CEO & Founder of Loma Vista Medical & Neptune Medical

Thoragard, an Automatic System to Clear Chest Tubes

With Evan Luxon, CEO & Co-Founder of Centese

Investing at Action Potential VC

With Juan-Pablo Mas, Partner of Action Potential Venture Capital

Changing the Healthcare Ecosystem at DigiTx Partners

With David Kim, CEO of DigiTx Partners

Raising $31M for Zenflow’s Solution to Treat Enlarged Prostate

With Nick Damiano, CEO & Co-Founder of Zenflow and Shreya Mehta, CTO & Co-Founder, Zenflow

Velano Vascular and the Needle-Free Blood Draw

With Eric M. Stone, CEO & Co-Founder of Velano Vascular and Pitou Devgon, CMO & Co-Founder, Velano Vascular

Lessons Learned at NEA and the ExploraMed Incubator

With Josh Makower, General Partner of New Enterprise Associates

Makower is a General Partner on NEA’s healthcare team leading their medtech/healthtech practice.

Transforming Screening for Breast Cancer

With Maryam Ziaei, CEO & Co-Founder of iSono Health

Ziaei has over 15 years of experience in product development, with a focus on design and manufacturing sensors. Before co-founding iSono Health, she worked at Sandia labs, Integrated Device Technologies (IDT), and Syston Donner Inertial.

Reviving a Team and Technology to Repair Mitral Valves

With Robert Chang, Co-Founder, President, & CEO of MVRx

Hear from a leading medical device entrepreneur and innovator.

Founding and Building Roxwood Medical

With Mehrdad Farhangnia, Founder & CEO of Track Medical

Mehrdad joined Roxwood Medical at its formation in 2011, bringing with him a successful track record of launching novel medical devices. The company has since raised three rounds of private equity financing to support its rapid growth.

Launching Luma Therapeutics & its Psoriasis Patch

With Evan Anderson, CEO & Board Member, Luma Therapeutics

Medtech: How to Develop, Communicate, and Deliver

With Kirsten Carroll, Vice President, Strategic Development, Imperative Care

Caroll was marketing lead for the Target Coil— the $1B+, #1 embolization coil.

From Hacking an Ostomy Sensor to Commercializing a Platform

With Michael Seres, Founder & CEO of 11 Health

Diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at the age of 12, Michael became the 11th person to undergo a small bowel transplant in the UK. Michael went on to found 11 Health.

Lessons on Leadership from a Marine Special Operations Officer

With Derek Herrera, Founder & CTO, Spinal Singularity

What can we learn from a former Marine Special Ops officer turned medtech entrepreneur?