Pivoting with Advanced Materials at Loma Vista Medical

With Alex Tilson, CEO & Founder of Loma Vista Medical & Neptune Medical

Alex Tilson is the founder and CEO of Neptune Medical. Alex has spent the last twenty- five years leading high performance teams that build innovative, world-class products, including solar powered race vehicles (Stanford University, across the U.S. 2x and across Australia), film industry animatronic special effects (Edge Innovations (‘Free Willy’ and ‘Anaconda’)), surgical robotics (Intuitive Surgical), products for interventional cardiology (Guidant), implantable coronary devices (Converge Medical), extended wear hearing aids (InSound Medical), and high performance composite medical balloons (Loma Vista Medical). He is a Stanford mechanical engineer and earned an MBA from Harvard. Alex is an avid cyclist (nine major tours, including across Asia and 4x across North America), and a competitive distance runner (Olympic Trial marathoner and former American 50k record holder (http://www.hogue.com/svclassic/index2002.html)).