Startup Operation Support

We empower early-stage healthtech entrepreneurs to launch startups.

Program Overview

Startup Operation Support is a resource hub that connects early-stage healthtech entrepreneurs with UCSF Rosenman Institute partners offering a range of operating services and support.

Services offered through this program are provided by our partners at no charge for the startup. Continuation of service is not required, although we hope it will naturally occur. All healthtech startups, whether or not they are university spinoffs, are eligible for these services.


We will connect you with a top legal firm that can help you with incorporation, FDA regulation, IP support and more. Click explore to learn more about the services and support offered by our partners.


Silicon Valley Bank can help you take your startup to the next level with corporate and business bank accounts, business and pitch review, and investor ideation.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Our company is not based in California or the United States. Are we eligible?
We are not affiliated with a university. Does that affect our application in any way?
Can I receive IP support to license and commercialize an invention, but I’m not interested in launching a company?
Can I receive help through a service that isn’t listed here?