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The Next Chapter in Health Care – Doubling Down on Innovation

June 13-14, 2023
UCSF Mission Bay Campus

The UCSF Rosenman Symposium connects and informs health technology innovation stakeholders through thought-provoking topics that are the drivers impacting the United States healthcare industry’s future. With UCSF at the forefront of healthcare innovation, the symposium is the premier event to inspire and expose the current and future healthcare leaders with the buyers, sellers, and facilitators that shape and improve healthcare.

With the rising cost of healthcare, inflation, and other macroeconomic challenges that society faces, we—the payers, providers, and consumers—need to adapt to new ways of consuming healthcare, paying for healthcare, and receiving care.

How will healthcare’s next chapter read? What steps can and should we take together to change for the better? What are the different players doing as the page turns?

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Steering Committee


Tuesday, June 13

4:00 PM to 9:00 PM

Welcome Address

Healthcare Reality Check: Economic Outlook and Opportunities

What are the challenges healthcare faces with inflation, rising costs, and labor shortages? Consumers are struggling to pay for healthcare and have limited ability to absorb its acceleration in cost. Can we learn from other models, create a new model, or modify the current model to build a stronger foundation for US healthcare? If so, what does it take to get there? How will the adoption of innovation be impacted? This reality check will uncover surprises and opportunities in health care in today’s inflation economy.

Cooking Up New Payment Models as the Economy Cools

How is the payer reacting to the macroeconomic changes? The panel will exchange ideas on different payment models out there that we can learn from as the commercial market no longer absorbs increasing costs. What changes are the payers making? What innovations may help to solve their problems?

Reception & Dinner

Wednesday, June 14

8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Welcome & Breakfast

Unlocking Opportunities for Improved Health and Equity

How will health equity be prioritized despite the prevalence of care deserts and macroeconomic changes? If the cost is too high to serve this population, who should carry the burden of the cost? In addition to the patient, who will benefit when health equity is addressed? What are the opportunities for innovation?

The Healthcare Transition: Practical Actions to Accelerate Resilient Care Delivery

Care delivery is shifting because the health systems are losing money and high-margin business is declining. At the same time, patients are demanding more holistic, empathetic, and timely care. How to or should we change care delivery? The panel will share challenges, experiences, and potential solutions with acceleration in costs and labor shortages. What are some areas that would make care delivery more efficient and effective? How can providers sustainably cut costs – hard vs soft costs? What changes are underway, and how will that impact new innovation looking to sell to care delivery systems? What innovations (technology, business models) are needed to transform care delivery? What are some low-hanging fruits that innovators can focus on?

Ready, Set and Grow Together with Roundtable Discussions

The goal of the discussion is to connect attendees over specific topics, such as innovation in health equity, innovation in care delivery, and financing innovation in the current climate. Discussions will be led by the invited leader, and topics/questions will be shared with the discussion leaders.

The discussions will engage innovators, payers, providers, investors, UCSF faculty, students, and others. Roundtable seats will be preassigned to ensure a balanced representation of different verticals of healthcare.


Moonshot Technology for Mental Health at UCSF

UCSF Faculty shares their technology that is addressing a major problem for patients or the healthcare system.

Innovation Paving the Way for a Robust Healthcare Ecosystem

What innovation is disrupting the healthcare landscape today? What innovation could disrupt the healthcare landscape today? The cost of innovation is high—is there room for moonshot technology innovation opportunities?

Coffee Break

The New Normal: Driving Value and Trust with Patients as Demand Shifts

Consumer perspective on the cost of healthcare, building consumer trust when we are at the height of misinformation and distrust in science. What is the impact of misinformation and distrust on the bottom line for the providers, payers, and innovators? How can we regain trust, and what is the role for each of them to help with this effort? How can we innovate around building trust?

High Stakes Innovation Derailing Healthcare’s Norms

How and when will we work together better? Will self-interests ever come second, after the patient? Will it become unsustainable to benefit one’s own self-interest? What innovations will disrupt and shape the future so that patients’ interests are at the forefront of decisions?