RISE Up and Become a Part of Our Healthtech Community

Through RISE, we identify promising entrepreneurs from groups that are underrepresented in healthtech—such as women, people of color, and LGBTQ+ individuals—and connect them with any number of leaders from the UCSF network and beyond. These leaders, who are carefully assigned to program participants based on personal background and area of expertise, provide entrepreneurs with professional guidance and strategic support. Entrepreneurs also gain access to the ever-growing UCSF Rosenman network of innovators, investors, and industry leaders.


  • Entrepreneurs based anywhere in the US are eligible.
  • Early-stage entrepreneurs in companies with a minimum viable product are encouraged to apply, although later-stage companies are also welcome.
  • Applications are encouraged from gender, racial, ethnic, and other groups underrepresented in health technology, including those individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. This includes, but is not limited to, women and LBGTQ+ individuals, of any ethnic or racial group as well as any individual identifying as Hispanic, Black, Asian (South East Asian), Native Hawaiian / Pacific Islander, or American Indian / Alaska Native.
  • If selected, entrepreneurs must commit the required time to interact with mentors. Interactions can be via Zoom or in person.

Benefits to Entrepreneurs

RISE entrepreneurs receive a benefits package including mentorship, network access, and specialized skill development. Once accepted, RISE entrepreneurs will immediately be matched with experts in their field who will serve as mentors and advisors. You will also gain the support of UCSF Rosenman Institute staff, as well as a lifelong place in our ecosystem of investors and entrepreneurs.


The UCSF Rosenman RISE program is held virtually.

Program Partners

What RISE Founders are saying…

My mentor introduced me to the payor perspective, brainstormed strategic partners, and introduced us to the concept of having an actuarian to help advise us as we build for a value based care model. I am thankful for all of our sessions and her mentorship!

Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson
Founder & CEO, WellMiss

I learned a lot from working with my mentor and trading experiences with the other brilliant founders in the UCSF Rosenman RISE program! I am excited to continue to grow my relationships with my fellow cohort founders and my mentor and continue tackling exciting startup challenges.

Amy Li
Founder & CEO, Concha Labs

It’s exciting to be matched with a mentor who has a wealth of experience and insight. To get their time, have the opportunity to develop relationships with them, and learn from them is really powerful.

Kwamane Liddell
Founder & CEO, Nutrible

We had an amazing time in the UCSF Rosenman RISE program, working with experts in the industry who were essentially helping us get to the next phase of our company’s mission. Our lead mentor, Santiago, was absolutely paramount to our company meeting our next major milestone. He rolled up his sleeves and helped connect us to the right people. We couldn’t have done it without him.

James Lott
Co-Founder & CEO, Scripted

The RISE program has provided invaluable support to help us move into the next stage of our development. My mentor during the program, Alina, was able to share her expertise and experience that ultimately helped me formalize our business strategy and outreach materials to support our customer acquisition during the next phase of our growth and development.

Cyrell Roberson
CEO, Jubily, Inc.

Working with someone like Leighton who has deep technical and operational experience was incredibly insightful for understanding how I can help Encellin succeed. Beyond the one-on-one mentorship from Leighton, the RISE Program was an eyeopener for how instrumental mentorship can be in Encellin’s development and my personal growth.

Crystal Nyitray
CEO, Encellin

I had a great experience with both my primary mentor and fellow RISE CEOs. My mentor, Marc, has a wealth of broad experience and we got along seamlessly. Marc was a driving force behind the RISE program and has a strong motivation to improve representation in medtech. In my experience, connecting with people and expanding my network has been essential to advance the Enspectra mission. I’ve definitely made some great new relationships through this program that will continue into the future.

Gabriel Sanchez
Founder & CEO, Enspectra

Being a female, minority CEO leading an early stage company can be an isolating experience on multiple levels. It’s important to think out loud and share learnings with others often as a way to gut check your ideas and to learn new ones. I was able to do these things in the RISE program. It’s comforting to be able to talk openly with others who have gone through or are going through various start up challenges like me. In many ways, we grew together.

Anna Lisa Somera
CEO, Rhaeos

What RISE Mentors are saying…

UCSF Rosenman RISE has been an extremely rewarding experience. James is an inspiring founder and his energy is infectious. I am honored to be able to help him make the industry better. We were able to work through issues with the help of experts in the field and my expertise on payer and provider perspectives.

Santiago Doria
Oliver Wyman

The RISE program was great! It allowed me to connect with a first-time founder and use my network and expertise to provide targeted support to him and his company. We were matched based on his needs, and over the course of the program, we were able to achieve those initial needs identified, and uncover a few additional focused areas where The Rosenman Institute’s vast network was able to help. It was a very hands-on way to learn more about the mental health space. I would be honored to participate as a mentor again!

Alina Esquenazi
Oliver Wyman

It has been a pleasure to spend time with Crystal as she has worked through the many typical challenges faced by early stage therapeutics companies. The CEO role can be lonely and it can be really helpful to have an experienced mentor who does not have board responsibility to serve as a sounding board. The RISE program is well designed to connect entrepreneurs and mentors and support their interaction.

Leighton Read
Brandon Capital Partners

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