Amy Li, Co-Founder & CEO, Concha Labs

Amy Li (Stanford GSB, UC Berkeley Engineering, hearing aid industry veteran) surpasses full-time commitment to Concha Labs. Amy has had hearing loss since kindergarten, and founded Concha Labs with the mission of helping 1.5+ billion people who have hearing loss to hear clearly. Hearing loss is not talked about often, but is severely underserved with high dissatisfaction: over 1/3 of people stop wearing the hearing aids they paid over $5,000 for within a year, all because of the way it sounds. While obtaining a bioengineering degree from UC Berkeley, working for a number of years at Genentech in their Operations Rotational Development Program, and pursuing an MBA at Stanford, Amy opened up more about her hearing loss and met others who also felt similarly frustrated and confused about this space. After working in the hearing aid industry, Amy left to start Concha Labs to address the critical issue of sound personalization through software (proprietary data and AI-enabled approach) to finally help billions of people get the help they need to hear clearly, built by users for users.