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There’s always a lot of good happening in the Rosenman network — for patients, for entrepreneurs, for investors.
Dec 02, 2021 This partnership will enable iCAD to add Arterys’ FDA-cleared MICA platform to its installed base and give providers access to their software from anywhere in the world. 

“In the corporate world, as in the university world, mentoring is one of the most effective things that help to move people up.”

Alina M. Czekai

Cohere Health
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Helping patients is what drives all of us in the Rosenman community. That takes incredible ideas, access to capital, connections to people who can propel a young brilliant company forward—and an understanding of global regulatory environments.
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The UCSF Rosenman Institute has been supporting transformative health technology companies from concept to commercialization since 2014.


Here’s what our remarkable Rosenman Innovators and Partners have to say about us
“We are delighted to have the opportunity to work with the key healthcare partners through the ADAPT program, and grateful for the impact the $150,000 grant has had on accelerating our technology development. The ADAPT program has supported Emme in our ability to reach patients more quickly and on a broader scale, which is especially meaningful in the context of the unprecedented demand the past year has shown for women’s digital health support.”

Amanda French

“Our experience with the Rosenman ADAPT program was exceptional. From the first step (a reasonably short and to the point application, which is rare for opportunities like these), to the periodic updates as we moved through the stages, to the insights and feedback offered during our pitch opportunities, the value for ConsejoSano in working with the Rosenman Institute has been tangible. We’ve already connected with two large potential health plan clients which I expect will lead to significant revenue opportunities for us. I would recommend the ADAPT program to any healthtech company that is ready to grow on a bigger stage.”

Abner Mason
CEO, ConsejoSano

“The Rosenman Innovator program was game-changing for our company. We [met] several highly-experienced mentors whose guidance helped us make drastic changes in our organization and strategy… and optimize our commercial path.”

Ted Abraham, MD
Founder, Perceptive Navigation

“We have always felt so fortunate to have worked with the UCSF Rosenman Institute. Of the three people they introduced us to, one joined as our COO, one as a director of the board and one as a consultant for six months.”

Mehdi Peikar, MD
Founder & CEO, BRIUS

“I highly recommend entering the ADAPT Program to any innovative startup! Winning a proof-of-concept opportunity with a leading healthcare company via ADAPT 2020 was a pivotal moment for Oshi Health.  The clinical study we have launched with our sponsor will prove the value of our virtual-first gastroenterology clinic relative to traditional GI care delivery.”

Sam Holliday
CEO, Oshi Health

“The Rosenman Innovator program was a fantastic experience and opportunity to get exposure to seed-stage healthcare investors and other industry stakeholders. We met two investors who participated in our round through the program.”

Ade Adesanya
Co-Founder & President, Moving Analytics

“The Rosenman Executive Mentorship program introduced us to medtech legends with years of experience, who have created several hundred million dollars in acquisition value in our technology sector.”

Maryam Parviz
Co-Founder & CEO, SDIP Innovations

“We were matched with Cannon Quality Group, who provided valuable guidance on appropriate quality systems for our stage of development, as well as a roadmap for the future.”

James Mitchell, MD
CEO, Oncodisc

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BRIUS® is a revolutionary method that can be used instead of braces or aligners that moves the teeth independently. Placed behind the teeth so they cannot be seen, this method considerably shortens treatment time, allows for easier cleaning than traditional braces, and is more comfortable than any other behind-the-teeth braces.


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EMME is a digital health company with a mission to put women’s health in women’s hands.

First up – we’re ushering in a new wave of birth control – coming soon.

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For hospitals and clinics dissatisfied with traditional EEG, Zeto offers a turnkey solution for routine EEG tests. Unlike competitors, Zeto provides lower cost and faster turnaround time to clinics, extraordinary convenience to operators and a better experience to patients. Zeto makes EEG available to facilities that do not have access to trained EEG operators or neurologists.

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