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If you’re an entrepreneur, clinician, or researcher eager to develop an innovation and make an impact in the world of healthtech, we are here to support you. Learn more about the Programs and Resources we offer to entrepreneurs and join our thriving community!


Our programs are designed to offer customized, strategic support to healthtech entrepreneurs at key inflection points in their journey — from ideation to development to growth and beyond.


Cash support and connections to leading healthcare companies for startups developing breakthrough technologies to improve healthcare efficiency.

Rosenman Innovators

For scaling an existing young health tech company, through access to industry expertise, services and funding.

UCSF Rosenman RISE

Mentorship, networking opportunities, and community support for underrepresented entrepreneurs.



Connecting people is what we do best. We couldn’t do it without our incredible Rosenman Network. Our experienced network is at the ready to offer expert counsel and invaluable connections to our Innovators and Fellows every step of the way. Explore our resources.


Here’s what our remarkable Rosenman Innovators and Partners have to say about us:

“The Rosenman Innovator program was game-changing for our company. We [met] several highly-experienced mentors whose guidance helped us make drastic changes in our organization and strategy… and optimize our commercial path.”

Ted Abraham, MD
Founder, Perceptive Navigation

“The Rosenman Innovator program was a fantastic experience and opportunity to get exposure to seed-stage healthcare investors and other industry stakeholders. We met two investors who participated in our round through the program.”

Ade Adesanya
Co-Founder & President, Moving Analytics

The playing field for innovators isn’t level, and not everyone with a great idea who wants to launch or scale a healthtech startup has access to advisors and mentors. Oliver Wyman is proud to partner with the UCSF Rosenman RISE program as it connects entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds with the resources they need to make healthcare more affordable and accessible for all.

Sam Glick
Global Lead of Oliver Wyman’s Health and Life Sciences practice

“I highly recommend entering the ADAPT Program to any innovative startup! Winning a proof-of-concept opportunity with a leading healthcare company via ADAPT 2020 was a pivotal moment for Oshi Health.  The clinical study we have launched with our sponsor will prove the value of our virtual-first gastroenterology clinic relative to traditional GI care delivery.”

Sam Holliday
CEO, Oshi Health

“Early-stage companies, it’s really hard to get the first contact with investors. We built those connections through UCSF Rosenman and we got our lead investor for our seed round through this program.”

Maryam Parviz
Co-Founder & CEO, SDIP Innovations

“In your first startup you don’t have enough connections. As I was an immigrant, that made it even harder. I really didn’t have any connections in medical devices. Like when I started it was literally zero. I didn’t know any VCs, I didn’t know any executives that I can reach out to and get help from. Winning that award, the Rosenman Innovator program, really helped to find those connections.”

Mehdi Peikar
Co-Founder & CEO, Brius Technologies

“We’re still benefiting from the connections we made at the Rosenman Innovator program. Some of the advisors, our marketing consultant, some of the really important business and partner relationships that we were introduced to, continue to have value. I expect them to continue to have value for many more years to me and to our company.”

Kimberlie Cerrone
Co-Founder & CEO, Tiatros

“The Rosenman Innovator Program has been a terrific resource for finding experts to help grow the company at every step: regulatory, clinical, development, legal, and otherwise. The program honed in and focused on critical issues and topics highly relevant to development in diagnostics, devices, and therapeutics.”

Joshua Reicher, MD
Co-Founder, Imvaria

“Being part of the ADAPT Program and a Rosenman Institute company has been invaluable for XP Health. I highly recommend the program for any startups with breakthrough technologies in healthcare focused on expanding their presence with some of the largest payers.”

Antonio Moraes
CEO, XP Health

“Our experience with the Rosenman ADAPT program was exceptional. From the first step (a reasonably short and to the point application, which is rare for opportunities like these), to the periodic updates as we moved through the stages, to the insights and feedback offered during our pitch opportunities, the value for ConsejoSano in working with the Rosenman Institute has been tangible. We’ve already connected with two large potential health plan clients which I expect will lead to significant revenue opportunities for us. I would recommend the ADAPT program to any healthtech company that is ready to grow on a bigger stage.”

Abner Mason
CEO, ConsejoSano