Fellowship Program

The UCSF Rosenman Institute offers the ideal setting for fellows to incubate, scale and commercialize healthtech innovations.

Program Structure

The Rosenman Fellowship program provides fellows with a hands-on experience in developing their concept, including:


Exposure to leading practitioners and scholars, with deep knowledge of the clinical area being addressed.


Establishment of a 1:1 mentoring relationship between the fellow and a mentor who has more than 20 years of relevant experience.


Training and education on how healthtech products are developed, and clinical value is assessed.


Guidance on scaling a startup, including IP strategy, reimbursement policies, and regulatory pathways to move the business forward.

Former Fellows

2018 – 2020

Maryam Parviz & Iman Manavitehrani

SDIP Innovations is developing a novel biomaterial platform, JAZBI, for a broad range of orthopaedic and cardiovascular applications. In animal studies, JAZBI is superior to other bioresorbable materials due to its safe degradation into water and carbon dioxide, as well as complete reabsorption from bulk (inside-out), resulting in less inflammation, better healing, and stronger integration with bone. SDIP is initially focused on developing resorbable osteotomies wedges and screws for ACL reconstruction.

Sponsored by NSW Ministry of Health

2016 – 2018

Michael Weaver and Sheridan Gho

Both Michael and Sheridan hold Graduate Certificates in Research Commercialization, and also graduated with distinction from the Australian State Government sponsored ‘Medical Device Commercialization Training Program’ from which they were jointly awarded a two-year fellowship at the Rosenman Institute.

During their time with the Rosenman Institute, Gho and Weaver co-founded Cenofex Innovations, currently resident in the QB3 Garage@UCSF incubator in San Francisco.

Cenofex Innovations is a medical device startup company aimed at delivering unique solutions from the research lab into the hands of those that need it. Founded by a dynamic and passionate team, Cenofex is currently focused on the development of a medical device that will transform the treatment of lymphoedema.

Sponsored by NSW Ministry of Health