$450,000+ for breakthrough technologies to improve the efficiency of healthcare and reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Adapt to Challenges

COVID-19 has highlighted inefficiencies in American healthcare, in areas such as prevention, detection, and interception of disease, as well as access to care and tracking of patient outcomes. The economic consequences have been devastating.

We are partnering with Amazon Web Services, Echo Health Ventures, Express Scripts, and UnitedHealth Group to support breakthrough technologies that can reduce the impact of COVID-19 on human lives. Getting people back to work safely is a priority.

UCSF Rosenman ADAPT will provide each selected company $150,000 cash, mentorship, and access to strategic partners who can accelerate the dissemination of the solutions developed.

If you are a health technology company developing solutions that can be quickly pivoted to address these challenges, come work with us and tap into our extensive network of industry experts, investors, researchers, and clinicians.

The companies selected for the 2020 cycle have been announced. Read more here.


Applicants must show their solutions are innovative and have the potential to be deployed on a national scale.

  • If selected, applicants must commit to provide staff, time, and resources to validate, pilot, and deploy the solution that is being developed.
  • Solutions must be applicable to future scenarios similar to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Companies from early (proof of concept) to late stage (revenue) are eligible.
  • Companies based anywhere in the world are eligible.

Got a question? Please see FAQ.



Areas of Interest

This is not a complete listing. Other proposed solutions are welcome.

Digital Solutions

Tracking, remote monitoring, triage tools, resource optimization, risk identification

Clinical Trials

Recruitment, monitoring, validation

Patient Support

Peer support; remote monitoring

Mental Health Solutions

Anxiety, depression, telecounseling, etc.


Elderly Care and Self-Quarantine Support

Self-care solutions

Pharmacy Remote Solutions

Refills and delivery, etc.

Burden Relief for Healthcare Professionals

To prevent burnout, optimize resources

Resources Provided

By the UCSF Rosenman Institute and corporate partners of the ADAPT program.

Remote Participation

All presentations and interactions are virtual


$150K non-dilutive funding

Fast Turnaround Time


On how to implement, which data are key, and what pilot environment is optimal


For reimbursement, clinical validation and deployment


To data and HIPAA compliant infrastructure

Investor Introductions

To strategic and venture capital investors


This section continually updated. Please get in touch using the form at the top right of this page if you have a question that you want answered.

Technology focus

Q. Our technology addresses mental health-related issues arising from COVID-19. Should we apply for this opportunity?

A. Yes.

Q. Do you only want COVID-specific solutions (return to work COVID monitoring, etc.), or are you open to solutions in chronic diseases that excel in COVID circumstances?

A. We are open to more general solutions. They do not have to be COVID-specific.

Company status

Q. Our company is at a later stage with a product on the market. Are we eligible?

A. Yes, if your service or product can be pivoted to improve healthcare efficiency or reduce the impact of COVID-19.

Q. I am working on technology without a formalized/incorporated company. Can I apply to ADAPT?

A. Yes. Pre-incorporation and early-stage is also eligible.

Q. We are not officially formed as a company and have a proposal that would be under proof of concept. In addition, all of us have full-time jobs in different companies. Would this prevent us from being able to work in our roles as well as this concept in the case that our concept is picked?

A. We want a team that is fully dedicated to the project. A project is not eligible if the leadership is part-time.

Inside vs. outside United States

Q. My company is based outside the United States. Are we eligible to be selected?

A. Yes.

Q. Our company is working on a project with a focus of COVID-19 response in Africa. Will ADAPT allow funds to be directed to Africa or is it specifically for the United States?

A. Funds can be directed outside the USA if the company is outside the USA.

Q. Must the area of implementation be in the USA?

A. Not necessarily. We are looking for solutions that can be implemented inside or outside the USA.