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Sam Holliday, CEO, Oshi Health

Sam Holliday is the CEO at Oshi Health, Inc. As the Co-Founder and CEO of Oshi Health, Sam is combining his passion for redesigning healthcare around the needs of patients with a mission to increase access to the high quality, whole-person care that two of his family members have needed to manage their digestive conditions. He has held leadership roles across healthcare technology and tech-enabled services companies focused on improving population health. These include scaling a tech-enabled diabetes management company, a data-driven health system patient acquisition platform and population health tools for a leading electronic medical record (EMR) company. Sam lives in New York City with his family and enjoys comparing notes with other innovators in healthcare, deepening his knowledge of how our bodies and brains work, and cheering on Philadelphia sports teams and NYCFC.

Sam was featured as the Healthtech Leader of the Month in June 2021.