Richard Lungen, Founder, Leverage Health Solutions

Late in 2006, excited to solve its challenges and move healthcare forward by sharing best-in-class innovations with the industry’s leadership, record-setting sales executive Richard Lungen founded Leverage Health. Today, with many longtime colleagues on his team, Richard continues to act as an industry connector and leader, and as an advisor to the most respected companies in healthcare.

Before founding Leverage Health, Richard oversaw sales and business development in tenured positions at several outstanding enterprises, including HealthPlan Services, where, as senior vice president of business development, he led the company to achieve new levels of success.

These days, Richard continues the work he founded Leverage Health to do, directing the Leverage Health team through healthcare’s busiest intersections while driving aspiring innovators to solve industry challenges. When colleagues—whether they represent a PPO, a health plan, a pharmacy, or a self-insured provider—look for solutions, they turn to Richard and Leverage Health to connect them to the up-and-coming companies that can take them forward.

Before Leverage Health: HealthPlan Services, MedAvant Healthcare Solutions, PlanVista Solutions, and National Preferred Provider Network (NPPN)

After work Pleasures and Pursuits: Although Richard’s passion to keep Leverage Health the market leader keeps him on the road more often than not, he spends as much time as possible with his wife and three teenage boys. He also likes to golf and ski—and wishes he could do both more often, and better.

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