Barbara Wachsman, Senior Advisor, Frazier Healthcare Partners

Ms. Wachsman is the former Director of Strategy and Engagement for Enterprise Benefits for the Walt Disney Company.  In that position, she led the strategic initiatives and designed the programs that addressed Disney’s long-term healthcare and goals and objectives, headed operations of large on-site clinics and physician partnerships with Disney, and was the creator of the Strategy Lab, the home for innovation in healthcare delivery at Disney.

Ms. Wachsman currently serves as a Senior Advisor to a $8 billion growth-buyout private equity firm specializing in healthcare and is head of employer strategy for a virtual primary care start up with a unique medical model.  Ms. Wachsman sits on the Boards of the Duke-Margolis Center for Health Policy and QueensCare and QueensCare Health Centers, a large FQHC serving the low income and underserved population of Los Angeles.  She remains a Senior Advisor and founding member of the Employer Healthcare Innovation Roundtable (EHIR), a group of select large, national employers and is a faculty member of the EHIR Academy.   She serves on the Executive Committee of the American Board of Medical Specialties, which Board certifies physicians in this country and serves on the Advisory Boards of several healthcare startups.

Prior to joining Disney, Ms. Wachsman held senior management positions with two international benefit consulting firms, as well as served as a Principal with Arthur Andersen. From 2013-2018 she served as the Chair and continues to be an Advisor to the Pacific Business Group on Health, the most established employer coalition of large employers in the country, as well as served on the Executive Committee of Integrated Healthcare Association, one of the largest associations of large medical groups.  Ms. Wachsman is also an Advisor to the Silicon Valley Employers Forum.  She served as Chair of the first Employer Advisory Board at Kaiser and as member of the Advisory Board of a national commercial health insurer.

She received her Master of Public Health and Master of City Planning/Architecture degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.