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AesculaTech was founded by a team of highly skilled scientists and an ophthalmologist developing a platform of thermally responsive materials for sustained, localized drug delivery therapies. Toward this goal, AesculaTech is developing AesculaGel, a thermally responsive hydrogel used for sustained release of prostaglandin analogs for the treatment of glaucoma. Ophthalmologists, researchers, and industry contacts, who are deeply concerned by limited patient compliance with ophthalmic pharmaceutical treatment, immediately validated this course of action. In 2010 there were 60.5 million glaucoma patients worldwide, and the pharmaceutical market for glaucoma treatment was worth over $5.1 billion. Currently, the most widely used method of treatment for glaucoma is the daily application of eye drops. AesculaGel eliminates the need for daily dosing and ensures patient compliance by delivering medication to the ocular surface continuously for 90 days through a non-invasive method. This technology will be developed through preclinical studies and clinical trials to an FDA market approved product.

Website: https://www.aesculatech.io/

Location: San Francisco, CA

Crunchbase: https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/aesculatech

Last Update: May 6th, 2022

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