Fei Jiang, Co-founder , HippoClinic

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee

Today’s computing systems are during transformation driven by explosively growing of data in volume and diversity. Huge efforts are made by researchers to develop new modeling techniques and big data analysis systems. Unfortunately, a big gap still exists that prevents the seamless application of modeling techniques to the data analysis.

Fei Jiang‘s research work contributed to the solutions of these problems in both the system design and modeling techniques. He developed new systems for large scale data analysis in batch and real-time processing — people can use our software to analyze data at their fingertips with SQL using not only the standard methods like aggregation, histogram, but also advanced techniques like Bayesian methods. In addition, he identified real-world “big” problems in fundamental challenges and proposed rigorous modeling techniques. Such problems ranged from practical security issues in online social networks to the general analysis problems like classification, regression, and imputation. Furthermore, he has extensive industrial experience in building web-scale and high-quality cloud systems. He worked as a software engineer at Google for two years, including building the YouTube monetized data warehouse, and as a senior software engineer at Pinterest, where he architected the e-commerce product platform. Moreover, he has three years of start-up experience and led a team to build an AI enabled system that was the first in the world to use technologies such as big data, and image recognition for insurance companies’ underwriting, claims, repairs, and more. He is well suited to be the PI of the project. His expertise in designing big data cloud system will be the key for the project’s success. He is fully committed to support HippoClinic in the development of the EMind platform. Moreover, he will take on additional responsibilities such as fundraising, commercial development, contract negotiations, and patent strategy to ensure the project’s success. He will be serve as a chief technology officer of the company, and manage the product development.