Charu Singhal, CEO,

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee

Charu Singhal serves as the Chief Executive Officer of Charu studied Creative Writing, Music Composition, and Peace Studies in undergrad, then taught English. After implementing an Ed Tech app in her classroom, and witnessing the results, Charu was inspired by the scalable impact that one could have as an engineer and got her Masters’ in Data Science/Business Intelligence. For her masters’ capstone, Charu conducted a machine learning-based study to classify breast cancer tumors using images, which catalyzed her AI diagnostics in the healthcare space.

Charu’s first foray into Entrepreneurship was creating a lesson plan building platform for teachers that aligned the common core curriculum to current events. During her early tech career, Charu worked on projects for the State of Illinois and City of Chicago. She built Machine Learning to: track the spread of invasive algal blooms, help foster kids find late-night safe housing in an app, guide new English speakers in conversation with bots, track opioid usage across America, and worked on public data aggregation efforts to make innovation easier in non-academic settings. Post-grad, Charu worked in Private Equity.Charu conducts extensive market research and builds the AI engines behind Etta’s bladder, skin, and heart-disease diagnostic products; taking the products to testing, development, and market within clinical settings. When she’s not building neural networks or learning from patients and clinicians, Charu enjoys: composing music on eclectic instruments, dancing Ballet, surfing, hiking, and teaching English-as-a-Second-Language in refugee communities.