Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson, Founder & CEO, WellMiss

Jennifer “Jaki” Johnson is the Founder and CEO of WellMiss – a Techstars-backed company, where she is working full-time to create the first trauma-informed digital clinic to provide holistic and integrative care to women on their trauma-healing journey. WellMiss takes a whole-person care approach that focuses on the areas that trauma affects: the heart, mind, body, and soul. When trauma goes unhealed, it can be the underlying cause of cardiovascular issues, chronic illnesses, autoimmune diseases, sleep disorders, and other wellness issues within the body. Unfortunately, the current healthcare landscape is fragmented and only sees trauma as a mental issue, leaving patients with care that doesn’t support them as a whole person. Jaki built WellMiss after seeing the need for health and wellness care that focused on the whole person while on her healing grief journey after experiencing the unexpected passing of her 15-year-old son Christian. Jaki holds a BA from Spelman College in Women’s Studies, an MS from Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, and certification in Women’s Entrepreneurship from Cornell University. Fun Facts: Jaki spent close to five years working in the medical industry both in a clinical practice working various roles from the front desk, to medical records, to insurance authorizations, procedure scheduling, check out, resubmitting rejected insurance claims for payments, and later working as a unit care secretary in the mother-baby unit at a large hospital. Having been to 27 countries, she enjoys traveling and serving as a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.