Alison Greenberg, Co-founder & CEO, Ruth Health

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee

Alison Greenberg, CEO + Co-founder, is a 3x tech founder, healthcare and brand strategy expert, and health equity advocate. Born into women’s health, her mother, Dr. Vivian Greenberg, has been an OBGYN for over 40 years—and serves as Chief Medical Officer. She was previously an independent consultant with companies like CVS Health, Genentech, Stryker, Verizon, and McDonald’s. Her past roles include Director of Strategy at storied consulting and branding firms within Omnicom including Siegel+Gale, Harrison & Star, and maslansky+partners. Alison also co-founded a conversational AI studio in 2018 and is co-inventor of Dioptra, a patent-pending femtech medical device. Alison holds a B.A. from Yale and has been featured in international news media—CNN, NPR, WSJ, CNBC, and ITV.