Benga Adeeko, CEO, NewGait

2024 Rosenman RISE Program Awardee

Many individuals find themselves in roles that provide financial stability but lack personal fulfillment. Several years ago, Benga Adeeko was among them. Despite holding the job of his childhood dreams and the education to support it, he sensed something missing.

Returning to his passions for engineering and track & field, Benga developed a revolutionary speed training device for athletes, known as the SpeedMaker. Its impact transcended sports when a physical therapist in Michigan used it to assist a spinal cord patient named Emily. Witnessing Emily’s remarkable progress, from improved stability to the ability to run independently, ignited a profound shift in focus.

Thus, Benga and his business partner decided to rebrand as NEWGAIT, transforming their mission. What began as a product to enhance athletic performance evolved into a beacon of hope for those striving to reclaim independence through walking. Over the past three years, the stories of their patients’ successes have been a constant reminder of the fulfillment found in making a tangible difference in people’s lives.