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Lisa Suennen, Managing Partner, Venture Valkyrie, LLC

Lisa Suennen has over 30 years of experience in healthcare and team leadership, with a particular focus on healthcare, entrepreneurship, and technology. She has a unique ability to color outside the lines and thrive on leading and working alongside exceptional talent to build high-value healthcare enterprises in a transforming world.

Having worked in various areas of the healthcare continuum, including digital health, health IT, payer, provider, health services, medical devices, and pharma, she possesses a broad perspective on the interplay among different healthcare disciplines, the economics that drive them, and the incentives that make buyers/decision-makers pay attention. She leverages this knowledge and her skills in executive and operational leadership, strategy, business development, sales and marketing, partnering, and fundraising to deliver results.

Her Rubik’s Cube of healthcare knowledge enables her to apply their expertise to new situations in a highly flexible way, striking a balance between strategy and the pragmatic realities of money and markets. She draws energy from new, different, and transformative activities that are actionable.

In addition to her experience as an executive/operating leader, venture capitalist, strategy consultant, and board member, she is also an advisor to startup companies and the founder of CSweetener.org. She regularly shares her insights as a public speaker and faculty member at UC Berkeley/Haas and maintains the Venture Valkyrie blog.