Integrating the Future of Healthcare: A Conversation with Cédric Kovacs-Johnson

With Cédric Kovacs-Johnson, Founder & CEO, Flume Health
During Cédric Kovacs-Johnson‘s pursuit of an undergraduate degree in chemical engineering, his initial focus didn’t involve healthcare or business. However, the disparities in access and affordability in healthcare drove him to realizing how healthcare is another marketplace, waiting to be coordinated.

Committed to improving efficiencies in communication and coordination among healthcare vendors to lower overall costs, CEO & founder of Flume Health, Cedric dedicated a year to immerse himself in learning, listening, and engaging with telehealth experts to identify the key problem.

In this episode, Cedric discusses his journey in founding Flume, a digital health plan administrator designed to seamlessly connect insurance entities with the nuanced interactions between doctors and patients.

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