Josh Miele: A Life of Constant Innovation

With Joshua Miele, Principal Accessibility Researcher, Amazon Lab 126

“Disability is the mother of all invention.” That’s a direct quote from our guest today, Josh Miele. And he would know all about invention and disability — he’s invented YouDescribe, the DVX, the Talking Tactile Pen, TMAP, WearaBraille, and SKDTools (Check here for the SKDTools sonification example parabola dipping below X-axis).

In his current position as Amazon’s principle accessibility developer, he hasn’t slowed down at all. He developed Alexa’s Show and Tell feature as well as VoiceView. Both of these help visually impaired people live independently by using voice-activated technology in the home. This amazing work at Amazon earned him MacArthur fellowship in 2021.

For more information about Josh and Amazon’s accessibility initiatives, please feel free to visit amazon.com/accessibility.

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