Empowering Change: How Fumi Mitsuishi is Transforming Social Justice in Psychiatric Care

With Director of Citywide Case Management & Professor of Clinical Psychology, UCSF

Coming from a family who aren’t afraid to plant big ideas and embracing risk-taking to achieve them, Fumi Mitsuishi has devoted her career to understanding the humane aspects of clinical psychiatry. Her rich experiences living in Japan, France, and the U.S. have fostered a deep appreciation for residing at the crossroads of diverse cultures and understanding the experience of “otherness”.

As the director of Citywide Case Management (Citywide), a Division of the UCSF/Zuckerberg San Francisco General Hospital Department of Psychiatry, where she is also an Associate Clinical Professor, Dr. Mitsuishi strives to enhance the path to recovery for adults navigating mental health challenges. Her focus remains on empowering them to secure stable housing, treatment, and employment, facilitating their successful reintegration into society.

In this episode, Dr. Mitsuishi discusses the prevalent misconceptions and stigmatization surrounding homelessness and individuals coping with mental health challenges and offers a refreshing perspective towards the importance of using a multidisciplinary approach to improve and honor the client’s quality of life.

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