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Fumi Mitsuishi, MD, MS, Director of Citywide Case Management & Professor of Psychiatry, UCSF

Dr. Fumi Mitsuishi has committed her career to social justice, public service, and holistic health that supports mind, body, and social wellness. She was born in Japan, raised in France, and educated in the US fostering an appreciation for living at the intersection of cultures and understanding the experience of “otherness”. She views medicine as window into our complex humanity and specializes in the science of systems change. She serves as the Director of Citywide Case Management (Citywide), a Division of the UCSF/ZSFG Department of Psychiatry, where she is also an Associate Clinical Professor. In this role, she manages an agency of 170 interdisciplinary staff serving 1800 of the most psychiatrically ill San Franciscans annually through intensive mental health case management services. Citywide’s mission is to provide a community alternative to institutionalization and incarceration through mental health treatment, housing, and supportive employment.

Dr. Mitsuishi studied Neuroscience and History of Art at UC Berkeley, earned a Masters of Science in Health Sciences at UC Berkeley, and a Doctorate of Medicine at UCSF. She completed her residency training in Psychiatry and a Fellowship in Public Psychiatry at UCSF, focusing on systems change. She uses her understanding of interpersonal (and group) dynamics and motivation to make change possible and elegant. She believes that unconditional positive regard for others and data-driven interventions can minimize stigma, homelessness, and suffering.