Nada Hanafi: See It, Believe It

With Nada O. Hanafi, Senior Vice President, Veranex & Co-Founder and Board Director, MedTech Color

At the UCSF Rosenman Institute, we aim to uplift entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities because we know firsthand how important diversity is. Our guest today is Nada Hanafi. She’s also part of the fight to make our community more equal.

Nada is an incredible industry leader with a fantastic career. Today, she serves as the Board Director at Medtech Colors, as well as the CSO of Experien. Nada’s resume also includes 12 years at the FDA and a strong history in women’s health.

Today, I pick her brain about the regulatory questions you might have. She also tells some of her career stories, and talks about how we all can promote diversity in the industry we love.

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