Listening is the First Step

With Lusi Chien, Managing Partner, Outlier Ventures

Lusi is a commercial executive experienced in both med device and SaaS solutions for healthcare.  She has helped multiple start-ups bring technology from R&D to market by developing the go to market strategy, defining product market fit, and testing out pricing.  She then switches to execution and sales mode by developing and scaling playbooks both in the US and international through direct (field and inside) and partner / distributors.  Most recently as Chief Commercial Officer at Subtle Medical, she brought the company from idea and licensing out of Stanford to its recent Series A raise, along the way being recognized on the CB Insights AI 100 and Digital Health 150 lists and counting the largest imaging center chains in the world in their customer base of over 75 installations to date.

In this episode, Lusi shares her insights from her time in international development, working within coffee farming in Rwanda, healthcare in India, and rural banking in China. What values and needs are universal to all people, and how do you understand each individual’s cultural context to improve their lives?