Peter Socarras: A Connection to Purpose

With Peter Socarras, Vice President & Deputy General Counsel, Nevro

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, investor, lawyer, or even an engineer, knowing how to tell your story can be critical to your success. Having worked in all these professions at one point in his life, Peter Socarras firmly believes this—and, he can attest to it.

From patent attorney to Vice President and Deputy General Counsel at Nevro, Peter’s multifaceted career trajectory has had one common denominator: a dedication to the life sciences. In addition to his leadership roles at the medical device company Nevro, Peter now works as an angel investor. His focus is investing in early-stage health tech companies that bring the decision-making to the patient.

In this episode, Peter shows how making meaningful contributions to the life science space starts with asking yourself why your technology matters.

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