Tamar Thompson: Coding Toward a Better Health-Policy Future

With Tamar Thompson, Avidity Bioscience Director & Vice President, Head of Corporate Affairs of Alexion

Have you ever wondered what the medical billing codes behind your healthcare bills were? How was your bill determined? Well, you’re in luck! Our guest int his episode is Tamar Thompson, Avidity Bioscience Director and Vice President, Head of Corporate Affairs of Alexion, AstraZeneca Rare Disease, who is the expert on medical billing codes.

Tamar talks about her journey toward her current position at Alexion and her insight on rare disease patient policy advocacy. Prior to her joining Alexion, Tamar led Federal Executive Branch Strategy and State Government Affairs for Bristol-Myers Squibb and served as a strategic policy advisor for ADVI.

Tamar has always been a driver toward helping patients through policy. Her work has been instrumental in informing rare disease patient advocacy and healthcare policies.

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