Mary Langowski: Leading the Charge in Digital Health Revolution

With Mary Langowski, Executive Vice President & President of US Healthcare, Walgreens Boots Alliance

We interviewed Mary Langowski, who was the CEO of Solera Health, the premier value-based omni-condition management platform. But as this airs, we are thrilled to learn that Mary will be moving to Chairman of the Solera Board of Directors and assuming the role of Executive Vice President and President of US Healthcare at Walgreens Boots Alliance. Her expertise in strategy and policy in both the private and public healthcare sectors continues to shine brightly.

As a former key strategist at CVS Health, Mary has been a pivotal force in marrying technology with healthcare, redefining our approach to wellness and chronic disease management. Her journey from a small Minnesota town to leading roles in healthcare policy and corporate strategy, and now to a significant leadership position at Walgreens Boots Alliance, speaks volumes about her resilience, foresight, and ability to lead in complex environments.

Mary’s significant contributions to the evolution of CVS Health and the foundational work for the Aetna acquisition showcase her adeptness in navigating and leading through transformative changes. Her deep insights into policy, technology, and patient needs enable us to explore the multifaceted world of digital health, strategic partnerships, and adaptive leadership.

Get ready to be enlightened by Mary Langowski’s unique perspective on the future of healthcare and leadership.

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