Christopher McGhee: Revolutionizing Home Healthcare

With Christopher McGhee, Co-founder and CEO, Current Health

In his medical school journey, Christopher McGhee, co-founder and CEO of Current Health, received unfortunate news regarding his grandmother’s health condition. This firsthand experience exposed the intricate challenges in hospital care logistics, revealing significant gaps between healthcare services and patient comfort.

Despite the exceptional care offered in hospitals, Christopher observed a recurring pattern: unnecessary hospital admissions for issues that could be managed at home, intensifying the emotional, social, and familial strain on patients.

Christopher leveraged his computer science and medicine expertise to co-found Current Health to address this disparity. This company is dedicated to enhancing healthcare quality by utilizing wearable health monitors to bring professional medical care directly to people’s homes.

In this episode, Christopher shares insights into his journey of developing wearable technologies that reduce clinical visits and enhance the home care experience for patients.

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