Peter Hames: The Only Person Awake

With Peter Hames

Peter Hames is the co-founder and CEO of Big Health. Peter is also an NHS Innovation fellow, and holds a Masters in Experimental Psychology from Oxford. 

As a former insomniac, Peter was frustrated by the limited treatments available for sleep difficulties. And so, inspired by his own success with cognitive behavioral therapy, he founded Big Health in order to deliver CBT-based insomnia treatment and mental health care to patients all around the world.  

Today, Big Health delivers fully virtual therapeutics for those struggling with their mental health. It’s a 24-hour solution, with the digital therapeutic “Sleepio” addressing sleep difficulties, and “Daylight” addressing daytime worry and anxiety. 

In this episode, we discuss pandemic-era mental health, the far-reaching effects of insomnia, and how Big Health can offer a solution.  

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