Ravyn Miller: Speedbumps Accelerate Access

With Ravyn Miller: Sr. Marketing Director, Medtronic

As the Sr. Marketing Director for Medtronic’s High Power Global Growth team, Ravyn Miller is responsible for creating and executing strategies that accelerate access for patients appropriate for CRT and ICD indications. Upon graduating with a dual Master’s in Business and Divinity from Vanderbilt University, she joined the company through their Leadership Development Rotation Program (LDRP). In her previous roles at Medtronic, Ravyn worked as the Commercial Marketing Director for Venous, led a cardiac and vascular group wide market development effort focused on reducing cardiac health care disparities for women and people of color, worked as a Health Policy Fellow in DC and was the National Implementation Leader for the Cardiac and Vascular Group (CVG) Strategic Solutions Organization.

Ravyn advocates for necessary “speedbumps” in healthcare processes that can ensure guideline based and value-based care for all. We discuss the barriers that people of color face in accessing care, confronting our own biases, and empowering patients to advocate for themselves.

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