Dr. Monika Roots: Pioneering Child Psychiatry with Tech – Part 1

With Dr. Monika Roots, Co-Founder & President, Bend Health

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month, we are excited to bring you a special two-part interview series with Dr. Monika Roots, a leader in mental health innovation. As the co-founder and President of Bend Health, Dr. Roots applies her extensive 16-year background in psychiatry, focusing on child and adolescent care, to revolutionize mental health services with innovative technology and strong partnerships.

Having grown up with firsthand experience of bipolar disorder in her family, Dr. Roots commits herself to ensuring emotional safety for vulnerable children, driving her passion and dedication to her work. She plays a key role in integrating technology with traditional care, expanding access to mental health services, and emphasizing the importance of preventive care to tackle issues before they escalate.

In this series, Dr. Roots will discuss her innovative approaches in psychiatry that support comprehensive care models benefiting young patients and their families. Her story serves as a powerful reminder of how empathy and creativity can solve critical healthcare challenges.

In the second episode, we will explore the theme of perfectionism. Dr. Roots will delve into how striving for perfection affects mental health, particularly among entrepreneurs and professionals, and she will offer strategies for managing these pressures effectively.