Breaking Barriers with Leslie Trigg: A Journey of Innovation and Impact

With Leslie Trigg, Chair & CEO, Outset Medical

As we explore the story of a leader who combines caring and business smarts to achieve success in the medical technology world, today we are excited to feature, a standout figure in medtech. Since 2014, Leslie Trigg has led Outset Medical as CEO and became Chair in 2022. Her impressive career began at Guidant Corporation and included key roles at several leading companies, placing her at the heart of innovation in healthcare.

Leslie’s career highlights include steering Outset Medical through key changes and innovations that have significantly improved patient care. Her early work in communications, rather than following a traditional scientific path, has provided her with a unique approach. Her approach has profoundly influenced both product development and corporate leadership at her company.

Leslie will share how she tackles the challenges of running a major healthtech company, her innovative strategies, and her dedication to enhancing patient care with cutting-edge medical technologies. We will also look at how her leadership is shaping the industry and the future of healthcare.

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