The Pursuit of Perfectionism: Breaking Down Perfection with Dr. Monika Roots – Part 2

With Dr. Monika Roots, Co-Founder & President, Bend Health

When Dr. Monika Roots joined Bend Health as co-founder and President, she set out to revolutionize mental health care with innovative practices. A seasoned psychiatrist with a focus on child and adolescent care, Monika has consistently challenged the conventional limits of mental health services.

In this second part of our series, we focus on a pervasive issue that touches everyone: the pursuit of perfection. Dr. Roots discusses how this relentless pursuit impacts mental well-being, especially in the digital age where the drive for perfection is often fueled by unrealistic comparisons. She offers practical strategies for balancing high standards with mental health, advocating for the benefits of embracing imperfection and learning from mistakes.

Dr. Roots shares her insights on mitigating the pressures of perfectionism and fostering a healthier approach to personal and professional growth. Here is our conversation.

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