The Pursuit of a Good Challenge

With Oren Levy

Oren Levy is the CEO and co-founder of SonoMotion, a clinical-stage medical device startup developing non-invasive solutions for the treatment of kidney stones.  Oren has overall responsibility for the company’s management, strategic direction, clinical, hiring, and fundraising activities.  At Sonomotion, Oren has raised $17 Million in equity investment from institutional, strategic, and physician investors located in the US, Japan, and Singapore as well as $8 Million in non-dilutive NIH and NASA grants.  Under Oren’s leadership, SonoMotion has negotiated rights to an extensive IP portfolio from the University of Washington, established a strategic and OEM relationship with GE Healthcare, and initiated a multi-national First-In-Human clinical trial of its flagship stone fragmenting solution.  Oren also currently serves on the board of directors of a therapeutic urology company called NewUro.

Prior to SonoMotion, Oren has worked in both large company and entrepreneurial start-up environments in the medical device, business consulting, and high-tech fields.  Oren was VP of Product Management at Fluid Medical and played a key role in the management and acquisition of Fluid Medical by Volcano Corporation. Oren continued to lead the Fluid Medical team for several years post-acquisition.  Oren started his career working at Accenture, a large management and technology consulting firm, where he gained business, client management, and project management experience that served him well throughout his entrepreneurial career.  Oren holds a Ph.D. in Biophysics and a Bachelors double degree in Physics and Astrophysics from the University of California, Berkeley.

In this episode, Oren talks about finding your life’s path through the pursuit of a good challenge, managing a startup’s cash burn rate during a pandemic, and positioning yourself to take advantage of luck when it comes.