From Clinical Practice to Policy: Shaping the Future of Healthcare with Dr. Ari Hoffman

With Dr. Ari Hoffman, Chief Clinical Officer and Vice President, Collective Health

Join Dr. Ari Hoffman, an influential figure in healthcare and technology, as he shares his expertise and insights on improving healthcare systems and advancing technology in the field. Dr. Hoffman is the Chief Clinical Officer and Vice President at Collective Health. He also held pivotal roles at the University of California San Francisco (UCSF), including the UCSF Division of Hospital Medicine, and as medical director of the UCSF hospital medicine service at St. Mary’s Medical Center.

With a background in biological sciences and medicine, Dr. Hoffman brings a unique blend of clinical expertise and technological innovation to the forefront of healthcare. His career journey has seen him contribute to health policy development at prestigious institutions like the NIH and the Center for Medical Technology Policy.

In this episode, Dr. Hoffman explores the convergence of clinical practice and health technology. He discusses strategies for improving healthcare delivery, navigating health policy challenges, and leveraging technology to enhance patient care.

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