Erin Harkless Moore: Underrepresented & Undercapitalized

Erin Harkless Moore: Underrepresented and Undercapitalized

With Erin Harkless Moore, Senior Director | Investments, Pivotal Ventures

Undoubtedly, women are chronically underrepresented in technology and venture capital. At Pivotal Ventures, Erin Harkless Moore seeks to fill the gender gap we know all too well.

Throughout her investing career, Erin has consistently aligned her values with her work. Social impact has always been a priority but became especially urgent when she transitioned to venture. As the Investments Director at Pivotal, Erin seeks to expand women’s power and influence by investing in female-led funds and backing innovation that directly impacts the lives of family caregivers.

In this episode, we learn how Erin embraces social progress across her professional life and how she’s helping to advance venture as a result.

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