Manav Sevak: The Care in Care Delivery

With Manav Sevak, Founder & CEO, Memora

Memora is a name you should remember, because it’s headed towards being the care support platform of the future. Our guest today, Manav Sevak, founded Memora in 2017 originally to help people remember to take their medication, but today it has grown to so much more.

Today, Memora’s platform aims to make all complex care delivery systems simple, not just the ones centered on medication.

In addition to his work as a founder and CEO, Manav has researched at MIT, Harvard, and the US Center for Disease Control. And in 2022, he was recognized in the Forces 30 under 30 list.

In this episode, we discuss his meteoric rise, his company’s ethos, and the lessons he’d like to pass on to other entrepreneurs.

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