Andrew Farquharson: The Building Blocks of Success

With Andrew Farquharson, Managing Director, InCube Ventures

If you’re an investor in biotechnology and MedTech companies, two things should always be at the top of your mind: trends and team dynamics. According to Andrew Farquharson, companies must be hitting relevant trends that will drive innovation and return for investors. They also have to exhibit good team collaboration, chemistry, and commitment.

As the Managing Director at InCube Ventures, Andrew spends most of his time investing in gene editing, cell therapy, biotech, and digital health. With decades of experience working in the life-science sector and an especially optimistic attitude, Andrew shares valuable insights on building a successful team in the startup world.

In this episode, we discuss the current trends and challenges in the life-science arena, the importance of impact-driven work, and the need to strike a perfect balance between innovation and practicality.

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