Launching Luma Therapeutics & its Psoriasis Patch

With Evan Anderson, CEO & Board Member, Luma Therapeutics

Evan Anderson, CEO and Board Member of Luma Therapeutics, has 17 years of experience in early-stage product and market development. He completed the Stanford Biodesign Fellowship in 2004 and was the first manager of R&D and then distribution sales at Spiracur (acquired by Acelity).

From the Luma Therapeutics website:

We are a medical device company developing light therapies for the 40 million people in the US with inflammatory skin disorders. Luma Therapeutics was born when our CEO Evan Anderson found that he had psoriasis and discovered a way to treat himself effectively. He knew then that he wanted to develop similar treatments for the millions of other people suffering from skin disorders.

We work hard every day to help people get clear skin with easy to use, affordable therapies.

Our goal is to develop an at home treatment that will put psoriasis in remission for an extended period of time after only a few weeks of therapy.