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Shelly Fan, PhD, Singularity Hub Contributing Editor, Singularity University

Shelly Fan is a prolific neuroscientist and science journalist. Her PhD thesis work (at the University of British Columbia, UBC) culminated in a Nature Neuroscience paper, generated a patent and helped launch a company. The company, Primary Peptides, has now licensed its second drug candidate for further development. Her post-doctoral work at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) studied the mechanisms of brain aging and the potential for rejuvenation with Dr. Saul Villeda. The work was published in Science and also generated a patent. Shelly is also an award-winning science writer. Her articles have appeared in Scientific American, Discover and The Conversation. She works as a contributing editor in neuroscience at Singularity Hub. Her first book, “Will AI Replace Us?” was published by Thames & Hudson in Apr 2019 and translated into five languages.