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Kenton Fong, Co-Founder and CEO, Averto Medical

Dr. Kenton Fong is Averto Medical’s Co-founder and CEO, an experienced medical device entrepreneur and surgeon who has founded two successful commercial-stage medical device companies with one that was acquired by Acelity (3M). He has worked over a decade in the medical device industry and has extensive domain experience in regulatory, reimbursement,  human clinical trials, commercialization sales strategy, and venture funding of start-ups. He has designed and led 12 IHC Good Clinical Practice (GCP) compliant human trials (including a 14 center randomized-controlled trial) and obtained FDA regulatory approval for 5 products. The technologies he has helped invent and commercialize have been used to treat hundreds of thousands of patients. Savage Medical is the third time Dr. Fong has overseen development of a medical device company from initial conception through commercialization.