Jordan Hansen, Co-founder & CEO, YourPath

Jordan Hansen is CEO and Co-Founder of YourPath, a population health solution for people with substance use disorders. Jordan is an experienced leader focused on delivering value to healthcare systems through implementation of effective, integrated care for people with substance use disorders. Jordan previously was the Vice President of Strategy and Growth for a recovery technology company, and before that, was the Clinical Director of Hazelden Betty Ford’s Professional Education Solutions team. In that role, he built a team that provided innovative solutions at the federal, state, local and program level. Previous areas of focus include developing and executing on strategies for technology and content development, B2B and B2C product and business development, and various consulting and training strategies around establishing or improving integrated recovery programs. He is particularly interested in building innovative technology-driven services to address inequity and system dysfunction, helping to establish effective, low-threshold medication-assisted treatment programs in emergency departments, correctional settings, primary care clinics, and specialty care facilities; assisting with strategic development of effective, recovery-oriented systems of care in rural areas and among underserved populations; and affecting cultural shifts across service systems.