Wallace Torres, Co-founder & Head of Operations, WellTheory

Wallace Torres is Cofounder and Head of Operations at WellTheory where he brings personal and professional experience to building and growing the company’s Care and Operations teams. Wallace has spent more than a decade in healthcare, propelled by his wife’s autoimmune odyssey and the systemic problems with autoimmune diagnosis and treatment that subsequently surfaced. It brought him to Visby Medical, a Series E Medical Device unicorn, where he led regulatory and compliance operations as one of the earliest employees. He supported developing and manufacturing one of the first Covid-19 diagnostic tests. Before that, Wallace worked at Genentech (SIX: ROG), where he was part of the prestigious Operations Rotational Development Program (ORDP) for high-potential college graduates. Wallace holds a Bachelor of Engineering from The Cooper Union and a Master of Engineering from the University of Texas at Austin.