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Eleanor Lee, Co-Founder & Director, Otteroo

Eleanor is a former intelligence officer for the Department of Defense with experience in the Asia-Pacific, best analytic tradecraft practices, professional training, development and implementation of large-scale programs and policies, academic outreach, and collaborative projects.

Eleanor relocated to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2012. She has completely rewired her career, expanded her professional experience by jumping into a new industry, and found that she can indeed translate her years of specialized skills to other sectors. She started with Otteroo, a baby product company, when it launched in 2013 and helped it grow its sales five fold since then. Eleanor is interested in public and private sector organizations with missions that she can heartily support and opportunities that leverage her unique perspectives and strong communication skills. These may include positions in risk assessment, program management, online retail operations, business operations, nonprofit management, research and analysis, national security issues, and communications.