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Shiv Shukla, Founder & Board Member, Neuralace Medical

Shiv Shukla is the founder of NeuraLace Medical, a company committed to leading the charge in pain management and sustainable relief. While working in clinical research, Shiv witnessed how patients suffering from chronic nerve pain had little hope for lasting relief or recovery. Inspired to find a better alternative for the millions of patients impacted by this condition, he left medical school to focus on exploring the benefits of alternative therapies, like magnetic stimulation. This exploration, coupled with his clinical work and research over the past ten years, led him to create Axon Therapy, the first non-invasive, non-opioid treatment for chronic nerve pain. From discovery, research, design and manufacturing, through regulatory clearance and commercial launch, Shiv has successfully led his company through many critical milestones. Along with raising more than $5.5M to support NeuraLace’s mission, Shiv has also won multiple noteworthy pitch competitions with sizeable awards. Prior to UCSD, Shiv graduated UC Davis with a BS in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior and Biomedical Engineering.