Philip Gyura, Co-founder & Head of Medical Innovation, YourPath

Philip Gyura is a leader in the development and application of mobile health solutions for substance use, HIV, and Hepatitis C prevention and treatment. He has also worked on implementing specialty practices within primary care in high-acuity areas using patient-centered care models and helped bring quality care to marginalized populations. He is a graduate of the University of Minnesota and Columbia University. Dr. Gyura is passionate about problem-solving within our systems of care and how to best use current resources to bring unique models of care to those in need. His drive for teaching led him to precept new nurse practitioners, facilitate novice to experienced providers in getting DATA waivers, and train providers in the use of PEP/PREP in primary care. Dr. Gyura’s current interests include bringing care to people using substances in all stages of recovery and creating safe places where all are welcome along their journey.